Story.... Call Me Pandora... The End  

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Story.... Call Me Pandora... The End

By the time I got home in the early hours of the morning I knew my life had been irrevocably changed. A multitude of images shifted constantly through my mind and left me with a hunger for more. I was already looking forward to the next party.

But along with a deep sense of satisfaction there was a twinge of regret. I wished I wasn’t alone. I couldn’t help but long for someone to cuddle with, share all those images and sensations, and discuss the personalities of those involved.

So when Denise phoned me a couple of days later to say that Alan was interested in getting to know me better (she said this with an earthy chuckle) I told her to give him my number. He called a day later and we met for coffee.

“First of all I think you should know that I’m polyamorous,” he said, shortly after we’d sat down.

“What?” I said. “Is that some kind of disease?”

“No,” he said, laughing. “Essentially it means ‘many loves’. What I’m trying to say is that if we decide to have a relationship there will also be other women in my life.”

I looked at him. If I hadn’t gone through the changes I’d experienced in the last few months I would have walked out.

“I don’t know, Alan,” I said, “let’s just take it one step at a time. I’m willing to spend time with you and see if we can be friends. I can’t promise anything beyond that.”

“That sounds good to me,” he said.

And that was how it started. We began getting together on a regular basis. Frequently Johanna joined us which took some getting used to but after awhile I looked forward to seeing her as much as I did him.

On the second anniversary of my mother’s death, in a reflective mood, I lifted the lid of the old chest and looked in. Little of what I’d found in it originally remained. I’d begun replacing her treasures with my own. The only thing I’d kept of hers was a hard copy of her sexual autobiography.

Years from now, I thought, after I’ve filled it as full as my mother did, this will be my daughter’s legacy. Will it change her life as completely as my mother’s did mine?


Author's note: In the final version of the story both the existence of Esther's daughter and her mother's sexual autobiography will be mentioned earlier.

Any comments?

HardlyYours4Now 52M

10/12/2005 5:24 pm

Good stuff, as always. Some write a good tale, but can't end well; not an issue here.

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