Story... Turnabout... 7th part  

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Story... Turnabout... 7th part

As the appointed hour approached I became more and more nervous. If Rita hadn’t been there, pushing from behind, I would have backed out. But in the end I was there and so was he.

It took me awhile to settle down. He carried the burden of the conversation at first, asking questions, drawing me out. But soon we were chatting away like old friends. And all at once I realized I was having fun.

He touched my back, guiding me through the door, as we left the restaurant and I felt warm tingles of desire flow into my tummy. My legs went weak. I was disappointed when he simply said goodnight after walking me to my car.

I sat there for a long time after he’d walked away, savoring the secret glow inside. I could tell he wanted me. I didn’t need him to say so, or kiss me, to know that. A part of me that had been asleep for a very long time was waking up. My nipples ached and pushed into my bra; my crotch throbbed with a feeling of fullness. I wanted more.

My new friend, however, was too circumspect and polite. And I was too shy. Rita urged me to make the first move but I couldn’t.

It took another man entirely to take advantage of the fires that the first one had set. This was a man I’d seen at the college. It turned out that he was an instructor who had a class at the same time as the computer class Rita and I attended. She and I would often arrive early and spend time in the snack shop at the student union and, more times than not, he would be there too, writing in a notebook and drinking coffee.

He’d caught my attention the first day I saw him. I liked his hair, for one thing, dark blond, thick and wavy. He wore it longer than most men his age. And there was a solitude about him, an intensity, that was unusual.

I was about the last woman I would expect a man like him to find attractive.

But something changed inside me once I began meeting with Tom, my first man friend. That deep part of me that had slept so long was now fully awake and looking around. Aching with hunger.

The way it happened was like some old cliché. But it was not something I planned. I was walking to the snack counter, pulling my billfold out of my purse, and snagged an envelope which fell on the floor. Right in front of the table where he was sitting. He stood up to assist me and I bent over. The moment I grasped the envelope I realized he could see down my blouse. I straightened up quickly, my face hot, and looked at him.

He was gazing at me with a slight smile. Our eyes met. “Thank you, that was nice,” he said.

I wanted to run away. “What do you mean?” I said.

His smile got bigger. He gave a faint shrug, as if to dismiss the question. “I’ve seen you here before,” he said.

I nodded. “Well, I’ve got to get my iced tea,” I said.

He nodded, still standing. My legs were shaking as I continued to the counter. I didn’t look at him as I passed his table on the way back to the one I was sharing with Rita. I collapsed in my chair, my back to him. I could see from her expression that she’d seen the whole thing. She was looking at me with that evil grin. A second later her eyes shifted to a point above my head.

“Do you mind if I join you?” His voice rumbled behind me.

“Sure,” Rita said, pulling out a chair.

And that’s how it started.

---- to be continued---

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HardlyYours4Now 52M

8/16/2005 3:40 pm

Love it. Glad to see more!

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