Story... Turnabout... 5th part  

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Story... Turnabout... 5th part

I awoke with the rudiments of a plan of action stirring in my brain. As I lay there, slowly making the shift into full consciousness, I assessed my situation. I had to admit to myself that, although I hadn’t seen the direct evidence of my husband’s betrayal of our marriage before yesterday, I’d known it was there. The heart of our partnership had stopped beating a long time ago.

I asked myself how deeply I cared. And the answer shocked me. I didn’t care very much at all. I suddenly realized that what had unsettled me most the day before was not the evidence of my husband’s philandering but the cold hard truth that I would now have to do something to take control of my own life. And that was an idea that scared the hell out of me. I wasn’t quite ready to face that one yet.

My strongest feeling was one of curiosity. I wanted to know who my husband really was. It was obvious to me now that he was not the man I thought I’d known.

As I sat up on the edge of the bed I felt Bill’s presence in the house. My heart started hammering. I felt like a spy preparing to parachute behind enemy lines. I got up, took off the clothes I’d worn to bed, and took a shower.

Bill was in his office, sitting at his computer.

“Hey,” I said, standing by the door in my bathrobe.

“Hey yourself,” he said.

I noticed that he quickly clicked out of the window he was in. Something I’d never paid attention to before.

“Are you okay?” He asked. “You were dead to the world when I got home last night. I tried waking you up but you just told me to go away.”

“I don’t remember that at all,” I said. “I just felt really tired for some reason.”

I sensed that he wanted me to leave. His fingers tapped on the edge of the keyboard.

“Well, I think I’ll get myself something to eat,” I said, and turned to go. “Oh, by the way, I got another A in my computer class,” I said over my shoulder.

“That’s great honey,” he called out.

I smiled to myself, baring my teeth like a hungry lioness.

---to be continued---

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