Story... Turnabout... 11th part  

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8/23/2005 8:17 am

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Story... Turnabout... 11th part

I couldn’t help but compare. Being with James was so different. He was completely there, interacting with me, looking into my eyes, responding to my shifting moods. I realized that sex with my husband had dwindled down to a passionless rubbing together of bodies. This was like finding a sumptuous smorgasbord after years of eating straw.

I’m afraid I went a little crazy. I couldn’t leave his penis alone. Twice I sucked him hard again after he’d come. James was laughing at my enthusiasm, but he wasn’t complaining. We tried every position we could think of. I’d never liked doggystyle with my husband but I did with James. And I learned that I absolutely loved being on top.

“Jesus, woman, stop, stop,” James said at last, pushing my hand away from his limp, and inflamed, nub of manhood. “We’ll do this again, I promise.”

We cuddled for awhile, my head resting on his chest, and then, with great reluctance, I began getting ready to leave. James walked me out to my car, gave me a long hug, and kissed me goodbye.

I was enveloped in the warm afterglow of loving when I walked through the door of the house where my husband and I lived. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

“Where in hell have you been?” My husband shouted from the shadows in the living room.

I stopped dead. The cloud of delight shriveled somewhat but didn’t dissipate entirely. “I’ve been having the most wonderful sex I’ve ever had in my life,” I said.

“What!” My husband screamed.

I repeated what I’d said. The excrement hit the whirling blades. About time.

It was a very long night. My husband ranted. My husband raved. My husband foamed at the mouth. My husband tried to fuck me, but didn’t succeed. I did some screaming of my own. But I didn’t say a word about knowing about his many girlfriends.

Finally I did something I’d never done, something I couldn’t have imagined doing a few months before. As the sun began filling the eastern sky I walked out and drove to Rita’s trailer.

--- to be continued---

Let me know what you think.

rm_saintlianna 45F
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8/24/2005 8:50 am

If he has girlfriends, what is his problem? Maybe you should not have said "had in my life".

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