Story... Call Me Pandora... Part 4  

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9/7/2005 8:49 am

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Story... Call Me Pandora... Part 4

“Hello Esther,” Uncle Earl said as he opened the door. He pushed the screen door ajar, “come in.”

“I just came by to bring you these,” I said, handing him the envelope.

“Come in,” he said again, accepting the package. I had the feeling he knew what it contained.

My inclination was to run home and hide but I couldn’t think of a way to refuse. I followed him down the long hall to the kitchen.

“Do you want some coffee?”

“Sure,” I said.

We chatted for awhile about the work I’d done on my parent’s house and traded stories about what our families were doing. I was just beginning to relax when he picked up the envelope from the table and took a quick look inside.

“I was wondering if she’d kept these,” he said. “It must have been a shock.”

“Oh God Uncle Earl, I don’t know what to think.” I started crying. He put his hand on top of mine.

“I understand,” he said.

“All those people. You and Aunt Rose. What did my dad think?”

“No one did anything they didn’t want to do, Esther. I know it doesn’t seem quite right to you but it was something we all enjoyed.”

“But my mom? I can’t imagine my mom doing this.”

Uncle Earl chuckled. “Your mama loved sex. She was the one who started the whole business.”

Neither of us spoke for a long time.

“I’d better be going,” I said at last.

“Okay honey,” he said, “but keep in mind that I’m here if you need to talk some more.”

I stumbled back to my parent’s house with a tornado of thoughts whirling through my brain. Later in the evening I began going through the pictures again, dividing them into groups based on the participants.

On Monday night I went through the computer disks and found a list of names and addresses. The next night, after I’d put each group of photos in a separate envelope, I visited Uncle Earl again and with his help was able to match most of the faces with a name.

It took me over a week to build up the courage but then I began a strange pilgrimage to return the photos to those who’d been my mother’s lovers.

--- To Be Continued

Any thoughts?

rm_vixenflir 58M
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9/8/2005 6:40 am

Stan - interesting story line as I follow it. I had only dimly considered what my kids would find of me if I and my wife were to die unexpectedly. Like Kat, I also have 2 grown kids - 1 daughter and 1 son who don't want anything to do with me and don't know who what I am about. But I still have 1 daughter grown with kid of her own who would not be surprised to find my left overs, she knows how I am (lol) Steve

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