Story... Call Me Pandora... Part 1  

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Story... Call Me Pandora... Part 1

Shortly after I turned thirty-nine my mother died suddenly of a coronary thrombosis. Dad had died seven years earlier. So since my brother Kenny, a journalist and my only sibling, was living in London at the time, I was left with the task of going through her things and deciding what should be kept and what should be thrown away. It took a couple of weeks to get out of my rented apartment and move back into the family home but once I was reasonably settled I began what was going to be, no doubt, a time consuming process.

Most of the work was straightforward. Clothes went to thrift stores. The books were keepers. Most of the furniture and kitchen equipment stayed. The things with sentimental value were either left where they were or packed and stored away. I tried to spend time every day after work or on the weekends getting a little more done.

But one piece of furniture, a large chest that squatted in the bedroom next to what had been my parent’s bed, was a mystery. It had been there for as long as I could remember. What made it mysterious was the fact that it was securely locked. Very securely. I kept hoping that I’d run across the key.

Now that I was sleeping in my parent’s bed I would sometimes wake up and see it crouching there in the dim morning glow. Or I would be reading and glance over to see the dark wood gleaming in the lamplight. As a child I used to play around it. Sometimes it was a table on which I put my dolls. At other times my stuffed toys would congregate on its surface. Later, when I was an adolescent and curious, I tried to pick the lock without success.

After almost three months of steady effort my mom’s things had been disposed of and the house was mine. Except for the chest. I still hadn’t found the key. And curiosity about what it might contain was looming larger and larger in my consciousness. Several times a day, at least, I would gaze at the dark bulk near the bed and wonder. I tried not to think about it but that simply made me think about I more. Finally, certain that the key was lost forever, I called a locksmith to open it for me.

--- To Be Continued

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