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12/19/2005 12:59 pm

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In my opinion all men that want their partner's to have their children should first pass a kidney stone. That is the closes thing for a man to pass that comes close to what it is like for a woman to give birth.

If men had to do that. Pass a kidney stone, and not some little tiny one, but a large enough one to be felt then they might have second thoughts about making their woman get pregnant.

Now I know there are women that want kids more than anything else, but their spouses don't know what it's like. But passing the stone doesn't go far enough in my book to what it's like for a woman after she gives birth. Once the stone is passed the pain is over and everything is back to normal until the next stone starts moving.

Let's look at this closely. Women carry a baby around inside of them for 9 months give or take a few days. The first 6 months are not really all that bad unless you have morning sickness. The last 3 months you have to pee every hour because the baby is sitting on your bladder, then you go through hours of labor. Mine was back labor, the majority of the pain was centered in my back and it took 24 hours before my son decided to come out. While your on the table and wanting to push the baby out your being told not to, not yet so with ever contraction you have to go against every instinct to push it out, then finally the Doctor says push and out comes baby. Now you would think that's it, but no, the after birth has to be expelled also. Once that comes out, they pack you with gauze while you wait for them to clean up the baby and do all the little things Doctors do, before handing the baby over to mom who is so tired all she wants to do is sleep, but nope not yet. Now they take you into a recovery room and while your there they ask you to massage your abdomen, I don't remember why, it's been too long.

Jumping forward to taking you home. Here you are tired looking like the cat dragged a rat into the house, and your holding your beautiful baby and all is right with the world, you get home and if your not breast feeding, which I didn't do, you have to start making bottles up and storing them in the refrig.

For the next few months or up to 2 years your body is trying to get back to some kind of normalcy but here you are doing everything to from maintaining the house and raising your child to working.

So just giving birth to a kidney stones doesn't cover everything, but it is better than nothing.

Take care everyone


caressmewell 53F

12/20/2005 4:59 am

Kat, it might make men more willing participants in birth control if they passed stones and was told hit compared to labor...

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