Parents & Pre-Teen Sex  

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11/8/2005 9:00 am

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Parents & Pre-Teen Sex

I have read two blogs this morning dealing in some way with Pre-Teen Sex. The first one was from HardlyYours4Now, and the 2nd one from caressmewell.

PARENTS GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE HOLE, and look around. Get informed. Your children could be having sex at a very young age, and if they are in their teens they more than likely are.

Two of my jobs that I really loved was working for the School district in Southern California. I was a Campus Supervisor (Security) for both an Elementary and High school.

Your children would talk openly in front of us, with out a care to who hears what they are saying. I personally learned a lot about what they were doing in their off time from school. Sex was one of those things. Yes, at elementary level their are children in todays world having sex.

I am sure that some of you think it is impossible, I thought so also, but not anymore. Girls can start at any time and do. Boy's have a problem as we all know. They have to get hard to have sex or so you all think. Not so, their are ways around that.

I can see you all shaking your head thinking I am crazy that I don't know what I am talking about. All of us that work around children know that sex to them is like a good night kiss to us. Thats how they think of sex. It's not important to them, it's a feeling they are after, it makes them feel good. So they do it.

So in regards to (caressmewells) blog today I say that shot is very important and should be allowed with parents permission. To (HardlyYours4Now), I put my comment on already. For those of you interested I suggest you go read them both.

I was well liked for the most part at both school levels by the kids, so they would talk to me. I am not telling you anything they haven't told me.

In High School I would say that 95 Per cent of the kids have sex before they reach High School. Think on that one please. They don't think about the disease factor. It doesn't enter their minds. Kids think they are indestructible, that whatever is out there they wont get.

So Parents read all that you can and get informed on what is happening in todays world with your children. It won't hurt you and can certainly help your children.

Have a good day everyone


caressmewell 53F

11/8/2005 10:36 am

Thank you Kat!

As the parent of an 18 year old son and 12 year old girl, I know that kids are having sex at an early age, hell they were doing it at an early age when I was still in school. Sex has always been an open topic in our home. I am amazed by how many parents will not sign consent forms for sex education. Prior to the classes being taught in the school system we are in, parents are invited to a meeting where they can view all materials that will be used in the class so there are no surprises. But they still will not give concent. I simply find it unbelieveable that they keep their heads buried in the sand.

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