Our first "Normal" Party  

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6/26/2006 9:04 am

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Our first "Normal" Party

Stan and I have never been to a normal everyday type of party since we met.

Last Saturday we were invited to a going away party. I didn't know anyone, but Stan had lived in the small town close to Kingman for many years. So we attended the party.

I am not a party type of person. I don't drink much, so I don't get drunk and I don't like crowds of people especially if I don't know anyone there. I usually end up sitting in a corner watching everything that takes place.

This time was no different. I sat in my corner, didn't speak unless spoken too. I did help set up the dinner. A young man came around handing out beer to everyone, so I took one, took 2 sips and handed it off to Stan.

I sat and watched and thanked god I didn't have to act like that anymore. There was all age groups including young kids and I have to say the adults acted worse than the kids did. The adults got loud and some of them obnoxious the more they drank. Their was one man their that reminded me of my mom (she was an alcoholic), which made me want to crawl under a bush. The women became foul mouthed as they drank more. Lots of insinuations going on. The older men were not any better. I do have to say that the young men were very nice and polite and didn't get nasty as time wore on. They stayed in their corner, just like me in my corner.

I will take a swingers party over a "normal" party any day or night. Most people do not get drunk, the conversations are wide spread, from sex to politics and we all act like adults.

At a swingers party the women are in control. No means no, and their is none of the game playing that went on at this party. No insinuations, and the only foul words you hear are when sex is going on and even at that it's very little. You don't flirt with anyone unless you mean to take that person into a room or onto a bed for sexual play. It's all straight forward. It's comfortable being nude in a room full of nude people that accept each other for who they are, not for what they think they are.

Yes, give me a swingers party any time over normal parties.


angelofmercy5 59F
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6/26/2006 10:10 am

Kat.....well, I've never been to a swinger's party....so I have no comparison. But it does sound more civil.

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6/26/2006 10:22 am

I've never been to a swingers party but the older I get, the more inclined I am to avoid a so-called "normal" party like the plague. They're just not fun anymore. It makes me wonder whether I really had fun in the first place.

From your description, I can see that parties haven't changed since I was a teenager. LOL

Thanks for sharing.

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