One of my many talents  

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10/26/2005 12:38 am

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One of my many talents

Ok everyone. Im off and running on another subject since AdultFriendFinder is finding fault with my blogs and won't post them.

When my parents moved into the mobile home park, I learned to play pool on a snooker table.

The mobile home park was a senior only and because I was only a year away from becoming 18, the owneres let me stay there.

I know 18 does not make you a senior citizen, but for some reason I was allowed to stay.

The place had a rec hall and large swimming pool, where I spent a great deal of my time off at. It also had a snooker table which the men mostly used for pool.

They were more than willing to teach me how to play pool on that snooker table (for money of course). Does anyone know the difference between a snooker table and a pool table? Well, if you do I'm going to tell you any way. A snooker table is longer than a pool table and the pockets are smaller. When we played pool we used standard pool balls. Oh Oh, there goes my mind again. I have a mind that resides in the gutter 99 per cent of the time. This particular snooker table wasn't in the best of shape. The sides were flat, so it was hard to bounce a ball off of them, and the table wasn't quit level, but I learned anyway and got so good at it, that I made lots of extra money up until the time that most of the old men wouldn't play with me anymore.

The men loved it when i wore a low blouse, or swim suit in there. I just can't imagine why though.


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