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9/2/2006 9:20 am

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Has anyone but myself ever wondered:

How the numbers on the comment section of blogs work?

I know my mind is a lot weird, but really has anyone thought about it or do you just type in the number without any thought.

Have you noticed the numbers only go to 999, or at least I think so, because I have never actually put in the number.

Does each of us have a set of numbers that only we use? If so how do the numbers work. I have never had 100, and I have never used 999.

Do the numbers work differently. Like day numbers maybe or hour numbers? So many 3 digit numbers in an hour, something along those lines. If thats the case wouldn't this site run out of numbers.

As I sit here typing this up I am thinking that all my question raise more questions.

Have a great holiday weekend and for those of you in other countries, have a great weekend.


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9/4/2006 12:50 am

There is built into practically all spreadsheets and databases what is known as a random number generator. It creates a number that is in no way related to the previous number by a series of mathematically repeated operations known as an algorithm.

An algorithm is a long-winded way of working out something. Suppose you were taking a camper van around the good old USA, visiting Tucson, Atlanta, Delaware, Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Topeka, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Orlando, Denver, Pittsburgh, Boston, Washington, what would be the shortest route? There are so many connections that you have to try out each one. There is no quick answer. Computers do algorithms really quickly.

Now that becomes a RANDOM command in a spreadsheet or database. In Excel for a number between 100 and 999 the formula is:


INT always "rounds" the number down so the highest the number can be is 999.


You betcha boots I am.

warm xx

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