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5/16/2006 10:46 am

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How many of us over the years has laughed at a nerd? Has made fun of them and talked about them behind their backs. How many of us have ignored them as they try to talk to us?

Now I am sorry for ever doing that because you just don't know what kind of person someone is by looking at them. Now I look at the nerdy type and wonder. Wonder what I missed out on because I went along with society.

Nerds are usually alone people. They like their own company or the company of others just like them. Unlike some of the other people that are out partying, nerds like to read, work on their computers are into science clubs and want to learn more on how to improve life or the world. They are the ones that run big companies, and spend there time in think tanks. They are the ones out their trying to solve global warming or how to grow things without using chemicals.

Jocks. Hell the name says it all. Just change the J to a C. Ok all you jocks out their, I'm sure your going to come down one me for that. But I do want to say not all of you are like that. A few of you are decent guys.

Jocks want it all but are unwilling to give to get it all. The Jocks I have seen or run into (I worked at a high school, so I saw a lot of them) are only out for 2 things. To win the game and play the game. By playing I mean women, girls, ladies. They think they deserve pussy because, after all they are the big shots of the moment.

I met a nerd. I fell in love with a nerd. This man knows more about seeing to a woman's happiness than any of the jock types I have seen or dated.
He is a thinker. He likes, no loves to build things out of stuff that everyday people throw away. He spend hours on his computer doing what he loves best. Learning, researching, writing. He may not make a lot of money but thats ok with me. He has shown me more about life than anyone ever before him has.

I thank all the "nerdy" types for being who they are. Wonderful, sensitive people.


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5/19/2006 12:06 pm

I've never related well to guys, so jocks aren't my favorite people. Too competitive. Show-offy. You know?

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5/20/2006 12:34 am

Okay, I'll take on the other end of this topic. (May the gods have mercy upon me!)

I was a jock!
Yep! There... I said it. It's out in the open. (I can finally breathe again.) And a lot of the people I've known most of my life are jocks... or were. (Some of them pretty famous jocks!)
And yes, some of them were terrible! That was the part I didn't like about them. Did I just have one thought on my mind? Nope! Perhaps I was a jock with a nerd's heart?!!? Who knows? But jocks get a bad too.

By the same token, I've heard "nerd" types using much the same language and showing much the same attitude as some of the jocks. (It didn't fare well with me coming from them either. lol!)

Actually, I still consider myself an athlete. Now that may be surprising, considering my age, and the fact that I enjoy drawing, writing poetry, gardening, working on the computer, reading, and enjoying conversations about life and the marvels that are in it. But it's true, nonetheless... and I'm still very competitive in my field. And yes, it is a field where athletics is a criteria and is very important in success.

Kat, one of the things I've learned is that labels just don't fit everyone everytime.

You've known me here for quite a while, and yet you didn't know this part of me. (I keep it well hidden... for obvious reasons here.) Just this evening, I worked out specically to strengthen my shoulders a bit because I had noticed a little loss of tone there. My workouts are not only for a better life; but because of my athletic status still must be maintained.

So, I'm a jock. Good, bad, you can pick. And I still like sunsets, sunrises, watching and enjoying kiddos, and "learning" all I can.
hugs, my friend, me

rm_unlistedone 65M
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5/21/2006 12:30 am

Sweet Kat...
I did catch the "Not all of you were like that."
I just felt that you had written such a wonderful strong post about the man that you love, that no one should have the opportunity to "blast" you for a small part of it. So, I revealed myself, (more than I ever have here) as a jock to diffuse that part of it. I hope it works... for your sentiments about Stan should never be doubted... or confused by anyone.
I think, no I know... that I would like Stan, if ever we were to meet.
Have a beautiful Sunday. Hugs my friend, me

warmandsexy52 64M
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5/21/2006 1:41 am

We don't have the same polarised distinction between jocks and nerds in England, probably because up until recently there wasn't the same level of focus on sport in our secondary schools. Cheerleaders are still a relatively recent and minority phenomenon. So the culture is different.

Having said that, I do see what you mean.

Many years ago I got interested in primate behaviour, particularly among social primates such as baboons and chimpanzees. We also had a monkey as a family pet when I was in my teens. It struck me then - and still does - that the same patterns arise in teenage group behaviour. So the assertive and socially confident males become dominant, attract the females and so on. Nerds in teen-world are therefore "also rans" but often catch up later in a high tech adult world where the products of education matter.

Having said that I would say there's a happy medium. To be intelligent, well-informed, sensitive and wise is one thing, but to be interpersonally articulate and socially confident is another. In the UK the term "nerd" usually implies a lack of social skills.

I'm sure you were attracted to the alpha males when you were a teenager yourself, as much I was attracted to the prettiest girls. But then I went to an all boys military boarding school ....... sigh!

Remembering being at the fence of the nearby all girls boarding school....

"We can't get in!" we called to the maidens hanging from their dormitory windows.

"We can't get out!" they cried in reply.

But I digress!

warm xx

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