My Son part 3  

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10/28/2005 10:09 pm

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My Son part 3

After my son cooled down a little most of the other boys left. There was one that stayed, he was really nice. One that my son could respect. Also I stayed and my sons girlfriend. We all talked about what had just happened. Many things were said back and forth between us. In the end my son and his friends left, my son not driving. My sons friends would never return, not so his girlfriend.

My son was upset that he wasn't given the chance to get the family room as his room. I told him that his dad and I had offered it to him on two occasions, both of which he didn't remember. At the time we offered it to him, he could not see it's potential. It was larger than his room, with an outside entrance. It looked over the backyard, not the front street like his room.

The boarder had come in, put up the drapes over the entrance, put in furniture and a stereo system, chairs and a bed for his friend to sit on. In other words he had made it his own. Something my son could not see before, when we offered it too him.

My son got jealous of what that room had become, so he asked us if he could move his girlfriend in and we said yes as long as she paid some rent. The day she moved in, they refused to pay rent and wanted the old family room instead, because there was two of them, to my boarders one. I said no. I said they would both have to share his small room.

To me they were blackmailing me or thought they would. They would pay rent only if I gave them the family room. Well, hell I wasn't going to go along with that and he should have known better.
In the end they stayed in his bedroom and they shared rent on it, with full use of the rest of the house except for our bedroom.

My son worked, I worked, my husband worked, my sons girlfriend did not work, and my boarder had just lost his job and had no where to go, so he stayed with our permission and looked for another job, but while he was off work, he and my sons girlfriend were in the house while the rest of us were gone.

I know what your thinking, but that is the farthest from the truth that can happen. They hated each other. They fought all the time. Ah, OK, I can hear you all thinking that love and hate are really close. That maybe they loved each other, or at the very least wanted to sleep together, but remember she was Gothic and he was surfer and she was in love with my son. Or she said she was. In any case what your thinking never happened. What did happen is as follows.

They would spend the day snapping at each other, she would tell him he was useless and that she would get rid of him, and he would come to be and tell me what had happened. For the most part I let them work it out, except when it came down to certain things. She went around to all my neighbors wanting them to get a petition up to have him removed. Didn't work of course but she did try. When that didn't work, she started talking about putting stuff in all our drinks, to make us sick, he was down in his room and overheard her and my son talking about it and he told me about it. How do I know it was true, because I confronted her with it, and they didn't Deny it. Every time there was a fight at night between the two of them she would call the cops. OK, yeah a bit on the weird side but it happened. In fact the cops knew our house quit well. The first time it happened she went into there room and called on her cell phone, and up pops the cops. We didn't know they were coming until they were there. I had been drinking shots with my girlfriend and we were a bit on the high side when he got there. My sons girlfriend stated that there was a boarder not paying rent while she and my son were paying rent and that she had watched a lot of Law and Order and knew her rights. The cop just stared at her for a moment and then explained to her that we (the homeowners) could charge my son any amount we wanted to and not charge the boarder. Or vise versa. It was our decision and there was nothing she could do about it.

Deflate her is what happened. She just couldn't understand because she watched the above mentioned show and she knew so much about the law. I had turned around because I was smiling and I didn't want my son to go off. There was nothing that could be done so the cop talked to me for awhile and then made sure I wasn't going driving. With that he left.

I think she called the cops about 8 times while they were there. It never came out on her side of things up to and including the night they left for good.

She was this little wisp of a thing, a mild wind would have blown her away, but boy could she put the food away. Between her, my boarder, my son and hubby and myself, groceries got expensive. Plus she made all her calls on my house phone instead of using her cell phone, so my phone bill was outrageous. I had to finally put a stop to all calls made my anyone other than hubby and I.

As for the boarder and his friends. Yes they caused problems also but I was in a place where I couldn't at that time let him go. Thats where I take blame.

I had asked one of the cops what my rights were concerning her and how I could get rid of her legally. He gave me some information and I went out and got the papers needed, wrote up the eviction notice which gave them a month to get out. Or should say her. On a night I was out she went to my husband and told him he couldn't evict her because she was carrying our grandchild. It didn't work. My son was at work when she talked with my hubby. I don't know if he ever knew what she said. I am assuming not.

My son choice to go with her. He didn't have to but of course he was in love with her and he choice her over us. It's reasonable, isn't it. They night they started packing and moving stuff out, was after we all had gone to bed. There moving woke us up and my husband who usually slept through everything got up and confronted our son. They had angry words, my son breaking a mirror, and storming out of the house saying he would be back to get the rest of there stuff the next day.

When they came back they came back with a paper on which was written stuff he wanted us to keep. Furniture, antiques that had been handed down through the family to be given to him when we died. I read it through and signed it. My husband refused to sign it and they got into a screaming match. My son scream at us that we were no longer his parents and that he would never speak to us again.

To be continued.

Take care everyone


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10/29/2005 6:17 pm

What an amazing story and how hard all of this must have been for you. What lives we lead?

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