Living in the Desert  

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11/4/2005 9:36 pm

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Living in the Desert

The other thing I knew for certain when I was young, was that I would never grow up and live in a desert. Nope never.

If I moved someplace it would be to the mountains with a view of a lake or stay near the ocean.

Yeah, right. Never say never.

Kingman sits at around 3300 ft. So I am not in the low desert, but desert just the same where the hills are brown most of the year and there is no lake nearby but there is a mountain. Kingman sits in a valley with mountains and hills all around where the wind blows most every day. That same wind keeps our air pretty much smog free, but it kicks up the sand and dirt so instead of a brown haze from smog we have a brown haze from blowing dirt.

It must sound like I hate it. To the contrary I like it here. The desert has a beauty all its own and when it rains enough the hills stay green, just not the dark green that I had in CA.

My kitchen window looks out on our local mountain where I go when I need to get away and renew myself a little the drive taking no more than 20 minutes.

In the desert you learn to carry water in your car or on your person at all times and a blanket because it can get cold fast here at night even in the summer. You learn to watch where you walk and stay away from rocks or anyplace that our local wild critters hang out. You also learn to wear sun glasses, and use sun screen, and to always have body lotion on hand.

The desert is dry. Dry heat, and dry cold, so lotions are a must to keep your skin from drying out. You learn that one real fast. Only takes a couple of days of constantly scratching at your skin to realize that you have to put back the moisture that the dryness takes from you.

As for hairdo's. Forget it. My hair is real fine and there is no way I can get a curl to stay put unless I use a whole can of spray. So I don't use any. The wind blows it straight in a matter of minutes. I'm not much for hairdo's anyway. I'm your typical wash and wear type of person.

If your into photography like I am, you learn real quick to never, ever take a photo in the midday sun. Just doesn't turn out right. So it's early mornings, or shade or cloudy days, sometimes in the evening.

Arizona is a fantastic state, with many different climates and elevations. It goes from sand to dirt to pine tree's and more. The Grand Canyon is a 2-3 hour drive from Kingman but we can get to the lower Grand Canyon in an hour. We have the Colorado river to play in and many lakes for fishing or just having fun in.

So all in all Arizona and desert living is not all that bad. I just miss the ocean a lot. As I mentioned in my previous blog.

Take care everyone


caressmewell 53F

11/4/2005 10:14 pm

Kat, I enjoyed reading this post. I've never been to the desert and had never considered I would need to have lotion, water and a blanket handy at all times. The picture is beautiful, is it one of your's?

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