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Kingman drivers

I was born and raised in S.CA and am very happy that I drove in traffic. I learned to pull out into the intersection while the light was green while trying to make a left hand turn, so when the light turned yellow then red at least 2 cars got through.

That doesn't happen here. Nope, they sit behind the line waiting for traffic to clear so they can turn, which means everyone behind the first car isn't going to make the light. If you had a camera on me snapping pictures you would see a mad lady, waving at the front driver to pull out into the intersection and I also yell and call them names so you would capture that also.

In CA you don't venture out to cross an intersection or make a turn until your clear to do so.

Not here. I don't know why they wait, I have seen cross traffic way ahead that could go with no one coming but they wait until your practically on top of them and then they scoot out making you and your car come to a screeching halt and if you looked up you would see me screaming nasty words at them.

Another pet peeve are the drivers that run the yellows and reds. Ok, for some unknown reason the lights hate me, and always turn yellow when I am too close to come to a safe halt, but the cars behind me could (if they wanted) stop for the red. Usually 1-2 cars will go through the red after I have gone through the yellow, and if your waiting on the other side, you don't go immediately upon the light turning green, you wait and look both ways.

Entering onto the highway from the on ramp. Driving in CA traffic you learn that any opening is there for the taking. Not here, people can and sometimes do come to a complete stop to wait for cars already on the highway to clear.

Speeding. In Kingman the speed limit varies from 15 in front of schools in session, and believe me you better not be doing 16 or you will get a ticket if their is a cop around to 40 on some of the streets. Their is one street in town that goes from 25 to 35 to 25 to 30 all in about 3 miles. Speeders, especially out of towner's get pulled over all the time. CA drivers are some of the worse, because they think they own the roads, they don't seem to realize they are now in another state and should re think there options.
I know I'm from there also, and yes, I do speed, but not always.

God forbid if it rains or snows or there is ice on the road ways. Rain in an open invitation for someone to drive through a puddle just as you pass them or drive down the center of the street that is flooded engulfing you in a spray of sandy water. Snow brings out all the crazies, they are crazy to begin with but add snow into the mixture and you better watch out. Slowing down is a no no, if anything they drive faster. And with ice, I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing that one yet. don't want to either. Yes we do get it, but I have been lucky enough not to have been out driving when it is around. But I will one day I am sure.

To drive in Kingman you have to watch all the way around you and in front and in back especially. You become a defensive driver, always looking for that car that will cut you off, or the car that will run the red light, or animals in the street. On any given day we can have chickens, dogs and cats roaming around free, then there are the horse owners, I give horses a wide berth and always slow down for them. A horse running into my car could do major damage. If your a bike rider watch out, your fair game. Thats bicycle not motorcycle. We have plenty of them also. We also have trucks and trains. I drive correctly around truckers. If you can't see their rear view mirrors, they can't see you, and please don't cut them off, they can't stop as well as we can.

I have gone on long enough about driver's in my berg. I could go on a lot longer.

Take care everyone.


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