Kats story continued  

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Kats story continued

Did my parents ever find out about my married lover? Yes they did. I found out a few years later that the girlfriend I mentioned when I first started this blog story, phoned my parents and told them what I was doing and with whom. I was 17 at the time.

That night when I got home from seeing him my parents confronted me with it and I said yes. The funny thing was that on that particular night we hadn't had sex, because I had stared my period. My mother ranted and raved, my sister was home from college and she took away the cat that was sitting on my lap, as if I would contaminate the cat or something, my dad just sat and looked hurt. That was the worse, my dad and the look of disappointment in his eyes. My mom took me into the bathroom made me undress and sit in the bathtub and proceeded to give me a douche. When she was done she sent me to my room. She told me that they could bring my lover up on statutory charges because I was under age. The next day they had my lover over to talk to him. What was said in full I don't know. I know they ordered him to stay away with the threat of calling the police. My lover sent a message to me that he wanted to continue seeing me, so we made arrangements once I was off house arrest. We continued to see each other until I met my husband. Almost 5 years.

You would think that being with someone sexually for 5 years I would have learned things. He never taught me anything, other than missionary type sex.

I remember that once he told me a story about a man he knew, that loved to turn his wife upside down and kiss her pussy. He asked me what I thought about that, and my answer was that it sounded gross. But inside me I was thinking that it sounded great, but because he had told me the story in a tone of disapproval I thought the answer he wanted from me was negative.

I was so extremely shy, no self confidence at all, so for me to say what I really thought would never have happened, back then.

The differences between that young lady and who I am now are so far apart you can maybe on a clear day just get a glimpse of her, maybe.

I knew from the beginning of this relationship that he would never divorce his wife. Ever. That's why when I met my husband to be I accepted his proposal of marriage. I was in a go nowhere situation, one that I knew would end somewhere down the line, not too far distant.

My mother introduced my soon to be husband and I at the local bar/restaurant that I mentioned in another blog post. That in itself should have warned me, but I wasn't savvy enough to know that then. Bob and I dated for awhile, but we never had sex before our wedding night. My choice to do it that way. We did a lot of heavy necking, but though he asked I said no. Looking back I should have said yes, but I didn't.

We married and started our honeymoon at a working cattle ranch near Bishop, CA. What a surprise sex was with him. The difference between the 2 men so wide spread. I wasn't worldly, is that the phrase, I just assumed that all men were alike. I soon learned differently. With my lover I was satisfied, he could go more than once, and he left me satisfied. My husband (Bob) on our honeymoon was once a night. That's it just once. And relatively short lived. In later years I looked back and wondered how he managed the once a night for 7 nights. Sex was not a priority for him.

To be continued

Take care everyone


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