Kat and Stans story continued.  

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12/17/2005 4:22 pm

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Kat and Stans story continued.

I was re-reading my last post on my story and I didn't like something I had written before.
For whatever reason people like me, maybe because I smile and I'm kind to others, stranger's included. I have liked the person I am now for a few years, longer than I have been with Stan. I have my hangups, but who doesn't.

I work in a field where I do things for the elderly. It is sometimes hard physical work, which has taken a toll on my body. My knee's are in bad shape, and I have had trouble with my back for years and now my hips bother me, so there are things I can't do like kneeling. I can no longer kneel for any reason. I am loosing or have lost most of the cartilage in both my knee's which makes for painful days. Heat is the only thing that seems to help, and I take over the counter pain pills when I can't tolerate the pain anymore. The cold this year has really been bad so I hurt all the time, so sometimes I get kind of snappy or bitchy, which ever you prefer. I don't say anything in front of my clients but that doesn't keep me from thinking nasty thoughts sometimes.

I had a lady, (thank god, I still don't have her) that made me clean her house top to bottom twice a week. I called her Mrs. Clean. She lived alone, and her house was never dirty but still I have to mop, vacuum and wash, make the beds, clean the bathrooms twice a week.

Cleaning is not something I do well. I find it almost useless to dust the house. When we first moved here, I tried keeping it up, but I would start in the living room and work back to the back and by the time I got back to the living room their would be a new layer of dust on everything. So I said why bother, so I don't. Thats how I keep house. It's the why bother method that I use most of all.

Thank god Stan is not a neat freak or I would be dead. We are 2 peas in a pod where cleaning goes among other things. Stan is a basic man. He hasn't had a t.v.for awhile, instead he listens to the radio. He works at home by writing stories and lyrics to music plus a variety of other things he does to make money.

Me, I work part time. I have a TV and a stereo, and a wood stove for heat. We would find it difficult to live together. I have of course had my 'what if' dreams but in reality I like time to myself, quiet time. I don't just like it, I need it.He needs that also and we certainly couldn't get that in his place. A 2 bedroom duplex.

Stan and I get together twice a week and during the other days talk to each other IMing back and forth. We do an occasional weekend together like the up coming New Years eve Swingers party we are going to.

I spend a lot of down time on my computer and watching tv and reading while Stan is home working on his writing, listening to the radio, or stereo or working out cords for his music lyrics.

And now I have come up against a blank wall, called my brain and I don't know what else to say, so I will sign off.

Take care everyone


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