Kat's Story continued  

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11/18/2005 8:26 am

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Kat's Story continued

That first year there I was still unsure of myself, I was looking for something and not seeing it. It wasn't until my second year at the high school that I really changed, my life changed in my head but stayed the same as a whole person.

I was good at my job and knew it. I was well liked and many on the staff wanted me to do stuff for them. I got stuck in the cafeteria because the manager liked me. She wanted me in there not anyone else, because I could spot unruly students or the students that stole food. I didn't just stand and talk like I did my job. I was learning things about myself.

My life in my marriage changed for good. I had grown up and was now able to see that I could do almost any job I set my mind to and do it well. My husband had stayed put in his little square and had not ventured out of it. I wanted more than I was getting at home. So, I started talking to a few people that I trusted at the school. Adults not students. I found out that men were attracted to me. What a concept. Men wanted me. They wanted to be friends and more. There was one particular man that showed much interest. I will call him Jon. He was an ex cop, not married, but extremely wealthy. I thought my god, he could have anyone, and he wanted me. Do you have any Idea what that did to me. It set me free, it made me think.

Their were others. The head of maintenance was interested in me, we ended up going out a few times. Although he was nice, there wasn't that feeling you get when things are right. On one of my last dates with him, we were driving along and he was talking away and my mind wandered away and I was thinking of other stuff, and had to force myself to come back to the moment. He hadn't realized that my mind had been miles away. I knew at that moment our relationship would never go anywhere. He was nice but boring. I needed excitement, wanted it. I wanted to feel something more than I had with my husband and this man.

Nothing ever happened between me and Jon, it could have but I backed out and away from him, because Jon didn't want a permanent relationship. He wanted me for himself on his terms when he wanted me, not a joint adventure. I am today so glad I didn't do anything with him. Their was a lot wrong with him, too much to over come. But he had done something for me he had set me free.

To be continued.

Take care everyone


caressmewell 53F

11/18/2005 7:57 pm

I am still amazed that how a job change or going to a new place we meet new people and one or two of those people will help us discover something in ourselves. Like being in the right place at the right time, I guess.

Happy Thanksgiving Kat.

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12/3/2005 12:29 am

Interesting post, Kat, and as you can see it's got me thinking!

I have had the dearest, closest of friends arising from my place of work. The line between such friendship and a full sexual relationship is very fine, like a wire fence that can be stepped over with ease, but marks a boundary. The problem is, as a senior professional, once the wire is crossed the chemistry changes. I don't know why but I've seen it happen so many times and never work well. My professional role is what I sell to the world at large and I am unwilling to have that compromised in my relationships with co-workers. As a result I have never stepped over the wire.

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