Kat's Story continued  

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Kat's Story continued

To put a time frame to my years at the High School, my son was gone, he had left home the year before, declaring us (his parents) not his anymore. We had the boarder in our house, and all his friends. I was in my early 50's, and the problems at home with my husband were getting worse for me.

I still had very little confidence in myself, but that would improve over the next four years.

I was hired because they needed a woman to keep an eye on the girls bathroom just outside the front office. When I stood in front the the bathroom I could see anyone coming across or leaving over the bridge, the quad, the rose garden, which was a gathering area behind a bank of lockers. I could see down the fire road all the way to the beginning of the faculty lot where the Art and shop buildings were. I could also see into the main outdoor seating area across from the cafeteria. Part of the school was 2 stories, so I could also see up above the eating area, and a part of the upper lever hallway.

During breaks and lunch and passing periods I was pretty much stationed outside the bathroom because the year before there had been a lot of problems in there, but during class room hours I could walk around a bit. So I would start at the quad area and walk behind the main office building to the other side, which housed the student store and the upper level of the gym, then down to the seating area outside the cafeteria, and back to the bathroom or into the rose garden and back to the bathroom. It was very boring.

The men I worked with were pretty nice except for one man who hated women. Tom, he was my buddy. We thought alike and I knew much more than he did about the kinds of drugs the kids were using (thanks to Jane). He was really good with the kids and very much interested in sports. We became very close over the next four years. ( get your minds out of the gutter people) Not that kind of close. Although I did wonder what he would have been like in bed. Yup, thought about that a lot.

Anyway Tom decided he needed to give me a past. So he started off by telling some of the kids that I broke mustangs. He called me mustang Kat. He told them that I broke them by hitting them in the head which knocked them out. He also told them that I had once worked for a prison as a guard. Over the years he came up with more non truths about me, that he would pass onto the kids. After 9-11 I was FBI, stationed at the school to watch for possible attacks. I played along with him. If one of the kids came up and questioned me I would play the game. The FBI thing played out perfectly. Tom and I had been talking to a boy about such things and Tom says "Kat's and undercover FBI agent", the boy looks at me and I just stand there not saying a word. He looks at Tom and back at me, and then says" Kat, are you really an agent", I answer with "I can't tell you if I am or not" which of course made him believe that I was.

to be continued

Take care everyone.


caressmewell 53F

11/17/2005 9:13 am

Well at least you and Tom made the best of your days at work.

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