It's Okay If I Don't Measure Up  

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8/21/2005 11:06 am

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It's Okay If I Don't Measure Up

Measure up to what? That’s the first question. I’ve been around this track a few times now and it seems to me that many of the people I’ve passed really don’t know what’s up ahead.

What really matters? The body of Adonis or Aphrodite? I don’t think so. I look for the indwelling spirit, the willingness to drink at life’s deepest wells.

“Handsome” and “Beauty” can be graveyards for a soul. Adonis will show some strain at 60, Aphrodite will sag.

The soul that claps its hands and sings and louder sings for every tatter in its mortal dress (a bow to W.B. Yeats) is the soul I seek. Can the body really help but sing along?

What I’m saying, in more mundane terms, is that, although erections may falter and vaginas grow dry, if two (or more) people know the sweet flow of spirit all measures in this world will fail to measure up.

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