Changing sexes  

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12/18/2005 10:19 pm

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Changing sexes

There are some women in the world that seem to blame men for all their troubles. You know what I mean I am sure, the women that say they dress up for the men or man in their lives. The women that shave their pubic area, legs, underarms, the one's that blame their man for getting them pregnant and then leaving them to raise their kids on her own.

How about we change sexes. Women become men and men become women.

Men now have monthly cycles. They have to go through PMS, they have to give birth. They have to shave their legs and underarms and in some cases their genitalia. They have to wear pantie hose, and wear high heels they have to sit down to go to the bathroom and have to keep their pussy's clean. They have to decide whats for dinner before they leave for work and then come home tired and out of sorts and cook dinner and be nice to their wife's, oops sorry husbands. Their day isn't done until they have spent time with their spouse and kids, then done a load or 2 of wash, cleaned up the kitchen and maybe just maybe they have a few moments to sit down and relax before they have to make sure the kids are clean before going to bed, have washed their teeth, read to them and tucked them in bed.

Women you are now men. You now have to shave your face every morning if you don't have a beard. Maybe shave your genitalia area also. You have every right to get up grouchy, take a shower, (maybe) dress in your work clothes, if it's a suit that means you have to put a tie on also. When you go to the bathroom you can pee standing up but if you have to do the other you have to sit which also means you can pee in that position.
You venture into the kitchen where your loving wife has fixed a breakfast for you, you pat the kids on the head then after breakfast leave for work, you come home go straight to your chair or couch, read the mail, and paper might get a chance to take a nap while dinner is being prepared get up to eat dinner with talk of the day going on around the table. After dinner you take your drink back into the living room to sit and sip while watching your favorite program on TV. Your wife comes into the room for a moment and then gets up and leaves to take care of something or other. After awhile you turn the TV off and go to bed with your spouse. You want a little action so you roll over and start touching your wife, only she says no, cause she is tired. Your thinking, Shit, not again, thats all I ever hear.

So there you have it. But hey there is a bit more to all this. Don't you all think so.

Men with PMS, can't you just hear them. OMG what a mess that would be, and when they got that craving for chocolate. CHOCOLATE, I WANT IT "NOW".
Go get me some, "NOW". Oh and the monthly menstrual cycle. A "WHAT" Tampon what the hell am I suppose to do with it. "STICK IT WERE". No way. How often do I have to change the thing. "Cramps, omg no" I can't live through that. "Shit Cramps what do you do for them". "I have to sit to pee", no dear you can stand, but it's a bit messy. "give birth, are you CRAZY" nothing that big is coming out of that small hole. nope no way".

Women can now stand up to pee, or pee anywhere they want, oh and we can now spit lovely just what I always wanted, not. But standing up to pee that works for me. "SHIT", I still have to shave and on my face no less. That's going to hurt, and razor burn but I don't have to "do" my hair, just wash and comb it, nice and no makeup, I like that and I don't have to shave my legs and underarms any more. Nice. But I have to wear that tie pushed up against my Adams apple. That's going to be annoying.

How about someone else adding to this little tidbit of nonsense.

Take care and enjoy the life you have.


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