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Astrology chart and reading

Warmandsexy52. I don't know why I continue to read his blogs, he get's me into too much trouble. Not really It is my decision to go ahead and do the "whatever" that he sends people to when reading some of his blogs.

This time it is astrology. His blog sent me to Passion24000's blog on Call'ng all Bloggers>>>I Challenge you!!!!.

So their I went off to see what the blog was all about. As it turned out if you went to a particular website they would give you a free readout about your astrology sign, which I did do. Then it took me some time to figure out how to post the darn thing, per instructions. But I do believe I got it right. We shall soon find out. If it's attached then I got it, if not then you only get this.

Now I have done this sort of thing over the years and for the most part it is not correct. Some of it is. That I was painfully shy in my younger years, yup thats correct. I'm not like that now though. That I am a clean freak..God never have been. That's wrong. That I am orderly. OMG Never have been. I love being right about almost anything. So thats correct. But then again who doesn't want to be right.

I am about ready to post the darn thing as per instructions. If you have any questions just ask away.

Rising Sign is in 24 Degrees Virgo
You tend to be very shy and not very self-assertive. You are supercritical about how you appear to others. Even though you may think you are uninteresting and dull, you are actually quite soft- spoken, orderly, neat and very likable. You are a perfectionist with high standards, and at times you can be quite tactless in pointing out the faults of others. Very practical, efficient and purposeful, your appearance and bearing reflect your need to appear graceful, sensible and reserved. You have a crisp, no-nonsense approach to dealing with others. Never lazy or self-indulgent, you tend to be dedicated to the work ethic.

Im always lazy!!

Sun is in 01 Degrees Virgo.
Extremely careful and cautious by nature, you value neatness and order above all else. You rigorously practice very high standards of living and conduct and you demand the same of everyone with whom you come into contact. At times, you are so supercritical that you are merely nit-picky. You are very good at practical skills and quite handy with tools of all kinds. You are also greatly concerned with hygiene, cleanliness and personal health problems. Very likely your health is much better than you think it is -- don't worry so much! Extremely methodical and analytical, you are a perfectionist -- this makes you the perfect person to carry out highly detailed, precise operations. But, at times, you pay so much attention to details that you lose sight of the larger issues.

Not me at all.

Moon is in 16 Degrees Pisces.
You have strong feelings and are extremely sensitive. It would help if you had a thicker skin -- you tend to react emotionally to every situation you come across. Kind, gentle and considerate of the feelings of others, you are good at taking care of the sick, wounded and helpless. But you tend to absorb the energy of others -- so avoid those who are always negative. You have a rich, creative and lively imagination, but you should be careful not to spend all your time daydreaming. Very intuitive, you have good ESP and may be quite clairvoyant or psychic. Remember that you too have the right to get what you want from life. If you are always defensive and kowtowing to others, people will take advantage of you and exploit you.

This one is mostly true.

Mercury is in 24 Degrees Leo.
You are usually quite convinced that your own ideas are correct and you enjoy persuading others that they are. At times, you are very stubborn and proud of your beliefs and principles, and you get very defensive when they are challenged. You appreciate truth and honesty -- you practice it yourself and expect it in others. You have good talent for organizing, directing and planning. You delight in being asked for your advice and counsel.

This is true except for the last part about orgainizing.

Venus is in 23 Degrees Cancer.
You like to be very close to other people. You need emotional support yourself and are willing to give it to others. When you feel unloved and insecure, you can be very jealous and possessive. You are not interested in casual or superficial relationships -- only deep emotional involvements interest you. Your faithful devotion is one of your greatest gifts, but be careful not to become too dependent on others. Learn to stand on your own two feet and demand your own rights once in a while.

Mostly true.

Mars is in 21 Degrees Gemini.
Your energies get turned on quickly whenever anything interests you. But you have a very short attention span and it is difficult for you to complete tasks because something else more interesting always seems to be beckoning. You love to debate and argue, usually in a spirit of friendly disagreement. But watch out that you do not get too overly aggressive or antagonistic or others will be quick to take offense where none may have really been intended. You need to be in constant physical motion -- sports or daily exercise is a must for you if you are to feel fit and healthy.

No Way!!!

Jupiter is in 29 Degrees Virgo.
You feel most expansive and at ease with yourself when you are doing something that you consider to be practical or useful. You enjoy being dutiful and carrying out responsibilities. You gladly take on the little tasks that others seem to want to avoid. At times, you carry things to extremes and feel guilty anytime you do something that you consider to be self-indulgent. While it is appropriate for you to demand little for yourself in life, try to loosen up once in a while -- go out on a fling and enjoy yourself!

I outright laughed at this one. OMG. No way!!

Saturn is in 20 Degrees Cancer.
The most important issue for you is emotional security. You have a deep and gnawing fear that those on whom you depend for emotional support will prove to be unreliable in the long run. When you are unloved and insecure, you distrust others and tend to feel isolated and lonely. Very cool, detached and objective, you can be counted on -- in situations that are inherently stressful or full of tension -- not to lose your self- control. That is a great and welcome gift at such times.

Yup. Got me here.

Uranus is in 17 Degrees Gemini.
You, and your peer group as well, are attracted to new, unusual and revolutionary thoughts, ideas and lifestyles. You prefer abstract, idealistic solutions to practical, immediately useful answers. You delight in communications, the mass media, electronics, computers and all sorts of gadgetry.

True but I am practical.

Neptune is in 04 Degrees Libra.
You, and your entire generation, idealize all of the various experimental approaches to relationships -- including "living together", the formation of communes and collectives and the whole concept of "open" marriages. There is a stress on weakened commitments on an emotional and contractual level, but there are heightened expectations of the level of commitment and mutual support on the spiritual and metaphysical level.

Partically correct.

Pluto is in 10 Degrees Leo.
For your entire generation, this is a time when the relationship of the individual to society as a whole is being thoroughly re-examined. Major attempts will be made to find a balance between the need to be self-sufficient and the need to honor debts of social commitment.


N. Node is in 07 Degrees Cancer.
You genuinely enjoy meeting other people, but you're at your best if you can do so from the comfort of your own home. You prefer others to come to you and tend to feel uncomfortable about leaving your home or neighborhood for any extended period of time. Those who do come in contact with you are struck by your caring and obliging nature -- you really make them feel at home. You form the closest ties, however, with members of your immediate family, especially your parents and children. You're at your best attending or organizing family reunions!

I will add here that this paragraph is mostly not true. I do enjoy meeting other people. But I am not at my best at home. I do not form closest ties with family members. Heaven forbid that one. I could never talk to either of my parents but most assuredly not my mother and my sister and I are nothing alike. I would die if I had to organize a family reunion. Nope not me.

So here it is. Thanks warmandsexy52 for sending me on yet another adventure!


Spell check didn't work for me again, so I apologize for any misspelled words.

Passion247000 46F
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8/9/2006 1:03 pm

Nicely done, Kat! lots of Virgo and moon in pisces ~ a very sensitive and kind soul you are....

Congratulations! You have now met the challenge!

warmandsexy52 64M
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8/10/2006 3:45 am

It wasn't me! I tell you it wasn't me!

Points finger at try_ME45

She did it! try_ME45 led me astray, and you simply got caught up in it all. Honest! See how innocent I look.....

It was fun though, wasn't it?


warm xx

PrincessKarma 43F
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8/14/2006 9:17 am

Heheh... I put the text I think applies to me in bold on mine.

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

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