A product of her times  

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1/5/2006 8:45 am

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A product of her times

I have said a lot about my mother in previous blogs.

She was a product of her times. She lived through things that we will never see again. She was 90 something when she died many years ago.

My mom was born and raised on a plantation in Lexington, KY. She was raised to be a plantation wife, to be waited on hand and foot by her servants. She did not have any marketable skills. She was suppose to just sit and run a large house and go to garden clubs and whatever else woman in the South did in those days.

But her life changed. She was thrown out into a world that she had no idea how to deal with.

I don't remember ever being told by her what her life was like, so I can only surmise what it must have been like for her. She lived through the dust bowl years,WWI and WWII, the Great depression must have been for her the world coming to an end, the world she was raised to be in.

Her mother died at her birth, so she was raised by her aunt on The Oaks plantation in KY. It wasn't one of those large plantations that come to mind when you think of the south, it was what she described as a farm house. Yes, she had a nanny, and servants that did everything for her. All her needs and wants were taking care of, she never had to lift a finger to do any house work or cooking.

My great aunt was not a nice person. I don't remember too much about her, just that I remember her being mean. My great aunt moved to San Fransico to start and run a Chinese restaurant. They lived above the place and thats where my mom met my dad.

My mom was thrown into the work force with no talents except running a home. She did very well when you consider she had nothing. My dad worked and supported us and mom was a wife, staying home to raise her children (that she never wanted). When the drinking started I don't know. I would imagine they both drank and she just got caught up in it. They lived through porabition going to clubs that served "coffee" laced with booze. Illegal booze.

My mom went from horse and buggy to model T car with no windshield, to cars you didn't have to crank, to seeing a man walk on the moon. She went from an ice box (thats a little box that kept food cool, the ice was brought to your house twice a week) to a full refrigerators. She went from washing your clothes by hand to what we have today.

She grew up resenting those changes that made her have to find a job and work. The first job I remember her having was she was secretary to the minister of our church. God, she hated that job. The last job I remember her having is at LAX airport as a ticket maid. She sold tickets on the airport buses that at that time took you to your car or to whatever flight was leaving the airport. She took a flask of whiskey with her to work and poured it into her coffee.

She was also a mean person, but she got that way because of her life. So I will always acknowledge that she had a hard life and for the times she did a great job at helping put food on the table.

She didn't want children. Their life was to be just the two of them, but my sister came along and they didn't want to raise just one, so they "planned" me.

She was a product of her times

Take care everyone


warmandsexy52 64M
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1/7/2006 5:12 am

I have nothing but admiration for such people as your mother. They became life-hardened by experiences tougher than most of us will experience, and most of all survived and made something of their lives through true grit and resourcefulness. I'm also deeply grateful that I have not had to live throught such an era.

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