Working and dating?  

Frizbietkd 38M
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6/24/2005 11:10 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Working and dating?

So, I get a crap load of calls on my cell today...all from the same person, my brother. First a little brother doesn't call anyone! not even his wife.

Unfortunately, he called me today, a million times..but today of all days. What's wrong with today? nothing other than the fact that I work with 17 difficult to manage teenage boys that are in a detention hospital that are acting out as a unit.

So what's wrong with my brother? Nothing. He got a second interview for this job he wants (he holds a MS in economics and a BS in electrical engineering, he hasnt had a job since he entered grad school except three, one as a sales rep for our step-brother, another as a landscaper, and the third was more of a project that bombed because the director was a tyranical B1^c#!), and he just found out his wife is expecting a child in Feb. (my brother's a lincoln baby himself).

So what does working have to do with dating? I don't know, other than the fact that people make this big to do about NEVER DATE IN THE WORK PLACE!!! but I never have time to meet anyone else any where else, and what am I supposed to do? Women don't like to be approached in the gym, even by the regulars...especially by the regulars, if you even come close to a woman in a dance club her wallflower boyfriend will come and kick your @$$, and well, working in a bar was the bartender. but then I worked in a biker bar, they were mostly over 40, crawling with diseases, and missing more teeth than the Avalanche players (no offense to biker babes...actually many of them were quite attractive, even after 40).

so that brings me back to my are we supposed to find and meet people if no one wants to be found...and that leaves us at work where we are familiar with each other. We know who's married, who's single, who's swinging, and who's messing around on the bosses desk...Hell, I even had a co-worker suggest that I "dip in the company doughnuts". Although after mentioning this, she never mentioned who was single to back her statement.

So comments:
Have you dated/slept with a co-worker?
Would you date/sleep with a co-worker?
Is the boss off limits?
Are your subordinates off limits?
What about other units/departments?


rm_bella_ 47F
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6/25/2005 12:45 am

no, no, yes, yes, yes....I have a saying...don't sh*t where you eat.

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