Sanity, is it real or just a fantasy?  

FritzTheCat1967 49M
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11/8/2005 9:57 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sanity, is it real or just a fantasy?

Have you ever wondered about the sanity of some of your online "friends"? Possibly the person that is hitting on you and so not your type of person.
I sit her wondering silly things like this. I wonder what would people be like if the WWW was not what it is today.
Imagine this if you dare to, scary as it might be go with me on this one.
Imagine no online dating, no online chatting, no cyber sex, no camming each other, no sitting at a desk for countless hours typing until your fingers hurt. No sore wrists from typing, (masterbating for guys) no cramped backs or sore butts from sitting down for hours.
No squinting at a screen watching the cursor blinking. No lag time between each others comments in the chat room or on IM. No more silly things like LOL, LMAO, OTFLMAO. No more cyber hugs and kisses at the end of a conversation.
No more surfing the web for new porn that we don't already have saved to a hidden file on the hard drive. No bootlegged music or movies. No spam, no get rich BS in your mail box.
I wonder what the world would be like if all this were to vanish and we had to talk to each other like real people.
Imagine this, not all guys would be hung with 9 inch schlongs and can do it all night long. No more fat guys pretending to be some hot chick. No more fat chicks pretending to be Pam Anderson and can take the crome off a bumper.
No more being able to lie your ass off and hoping that you don't get busted by someone. Ahh the possiblitiy of being honest with one self and others. To be able to say loudly, "I'm ugly and fat as hell" and to be able to do it with a smile on your face.
Think about this, you see someone and you are attracted to them. You walk over and just talk to them with no BS and no lies.
A cat can dream I guess, maybe one day some people will be able to do this. I've started to wonder about the sanity of some of the people I've met at a M&G (meet & greet) or talked to online.
Now I know some are just liars no matter but do the expect the rest of us to believe the BS that's being tossed out?
Are people so shallow that they can not be honest with themself and the people they talk to? Why must they be like this and what can we do short of prozak and a dart gun?
I know sanity is a thing that most of us flirt with all the time. With bills out the wazooo, a jerk for a boss, a pain in the ass spouse, our family and our friends we push the edge all the time.
We blame everyone else for of screw ups, we don't take credit for our FUBARs. WHY? What happened to admiting your flaws and trying to improve yourself?
Why is it when for example the goverment say's, "Get out of town for your own safety, this storm is stronger than we thought" we sit on our ass at home? Then after the storm kicks our ass and destroys everything we had and people we love die we blame the people that told us to get the hell out?
What the hell happened to our sanity and our ability to use that grey mass of goo between our ears incased in a hard shell? When did it leave and what time will it come back? Can I help to get it back?
Do I need to call a 1 800 number or something? Call me what you will, but give me sanity and real world any day.
Remember the days of being able to leave your home unlocked?
Remember being able to let your kids play outside until the street lights came on?
Remember being able to talk to your next door neighbor and inviting them over for dinner and a game of cards?
Remember when saying ass got your mouth washed out with soap or getting a tail whipping? I'm either getting to freaking old or I've lost my sanity.
If you see it running around or if it's on vacation please let me know so I can get it back please.
Did I go to far out on a limb with my first blog? Should I worry about pissing some fat guy/lady off for speaking my mind?
Should I worry about pissing of the people who read this? Naaaaa! If you don't like what I said then send me cyber hate mail and I'll be sure to stress out over it.
OK I'm done now with the soap box, next person please.

p.s. "I'm a fat cat and damn proud of it!"

MochaMoxy 49F

2/9/2006 7:54 pm

Marry me, Fritz! Oh wait...that's slot already taken. You are right on the money on this in so many ways that I can't catch my darting thoughts fast enough to type them all down, but...I hear you. I get it. I understand. Furthermore, I agree. I would give up the cyberworld in a hot second in favor of real world, genuine, meaningful connection with honest people who know how to converse without abbreviations and acronyms and coochie cams! We're the same age, Fritzie, so I remember all that stuff you mentioned...and I miss it. Brave new world? Maybe new, but a bit chicken shit, if you ask me when people can hide behind their computer monitors and never be called upon to develop any real social skills or ability to communicate. In that way, I think we're actually going BACKWARDS. Pretty soon, we'll be surrounded by apes, dragging their knuckles across the floor and beating off with their hairy palms in the darkened room illuminated only by the faint glow of their computer that they never actually turn off. If AdultFriendFinder became the whole world, we'd be screwed....and not necessarily in the good way. Don't worry, Fritzie...we still have each other. ROTFLMAO PDQ BTW.... TTFN!

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