Here We Go Again....  

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3/27/2006 12:15 pm

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Here We Go Again....

Sorry, folks, but it seems like I once again I have to climb onto my soap box and set the record straight….

Apparently, I spoke too soon yesterday when I said the bullies had backed off….they’re back! Well, at least 1 of them.

Get a load of this: it seems like “SensuousWoman3” has to stick here nose in my business (where is does NOT belong, by the way) claming to know me (which she does NOT [go figure], nor will she EVER know me) forcing me to defend myself - which I should NOT have to do….especially to the likes of her - a bully!

Now, “SensuousWoman3” says I “should consider taking out all the insurance you can get” claming that I “live at home and work part-time”! Is that any of her business, anyway? NO, its NOT! But being that she continues to act like a be-a-etch I’ll lay it out. Yes, at the moment I am living at home but it is ONLY TEMPERORY due to some financial problems caused by a number of problems that are work related and I am not going to get into simply because that is no point in doing so. And besides, I’m sure that would be exactly what she wants anyway - so it’s not going to happen! But I will tell you this “SensuousWoman3”, you clam to have “never broken TOS” but the fact of the matter is that you HAVE and therefore you HAVE been reported to TOS for EXACTLY that - breaking TOS! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and this is not a threat, it’s a promise) - you, “themisskrissy” and others started this but I’ll be the 1 to finish it if you don’t leave me alone! Get it? Got it? Good! I’m done with you bullies, cut the crap!

Oh, and another thing….

What’s this crap I’m finding out about “tagging”? Someone told me the other day (I’m guessing about this bulling stuff) that “some of us are playing a game of tag” and that I should “consider [myself] tagged”. I’m then told “if you want to play post 6 weird or unusual things about yourself and tag 6 more people”.

Well, NO, what if I do NOT want to play this “game” of “tag”? To me this bulling is NOT a “game”, ITS PERSONAL! I am NOT going to play this stupid so-called “game” of “tag”, its BULLING no matter how you look at it and I want NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with it, so back off!

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