Current AFF Experience and Friends Network  

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4/10/2006 4:01 pm

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Current AFF Experience and Friends Network

I had said back in March when I started this blog that “I have been a member of AdultFriendFinder for a number of years - under various usernames - with no success and about a week later I updated that saying that “I seem to be starting to have some success here”. That has since changed and I’m back to having no success.

Let me break this down a bit:

Since March 20 I had sent well over 100 messages (actually, it’s more like 123 total) but have only heard back form 4 of them. I had first thought that 2 were clearly spam but thought that the other 2 might be promising….until 1 turned out that we wanted different things (yet joined my Friends Network) whereas the other just fell apart - she just didn’t reply to a message I had send her after we had been communicating for 4-5 days with no reason as to why.

Additionally, 3 others joined my Friends Network but didn’t bother replying to my message. So, I have 4 people in my Friends Network (that I’m sure have looked at my member’s only [nude] pics) and nothing else.

What? Why would you join someone’s Friend Network and look at their pics but not have the decency to reply to their message - that had contained the invitation [to join their Friends Network] in the first place?

The fact of the matter is this: I don’t want anyone in my Friends Network that are not even going to write back to me. I mean what’s the point of claming to be “friends” with someone that you do not even write and/or talk to? Isn’t that what friends do….write [to each other], talk [to each other] and hang out [with each other]? It was the last time I checked!

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