About pics and feeling shy about pics  

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8/20/2005 4:50 pm

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About pics and feeling shy about pics

At first I felt really shy about putting up pictures of myself. Then I noticed that folks put up close ups of their body parts to, ironically, preserve their anonymity!!! So I took a few snaps with my webcam and uploaded them.

The next step was to actually webcam. In trying to figure out *how* to webcam I started broadcasting. I was embarassed for a moment, but then realized that 100s of folks were watching my breasts. So I started getting into it, playing with my nipples and watching my hot meter go up and down. It's funny how the tab for "page" blinks. It reminds me of a guy with a hard-on in his pants - urgently wanting to talk to you.

Next I tried a 1-on-1 webcam. This guy invited me to webcam alone with him, so I went. I definitely felt scared because maybe he'd turn out to be really creepy. He kind of was, but I enjoyed it anyway. The thing was - he started making demands "Pull back the camera" - "Show me those big tits again" - etc., etc.

The nice thing about broadcast is I can do whatever pleases me at the moment. I can watch myself doing it and know that maybe someone else out there is enjoying watching me too.

I also love to watch men on broadcast, rubbing their cocks. I notice not to many females out there and figure that they don't want to find their webcast in some amateur porno site. Which I suppose is a risk so I have no intention of exposing my face on webcam, for sure.

I also decided to include a video intro of my breasts. When guys write to me and say "love your breasts" it turns me on - I hate that word "tits." So classless - and I notice that a lot of guys are saying breasts. Probably figure they'll get to a next step by doing so.

I don't think I will ever really meet anyone in person from this site, but I am definitely enjoying getting myself really wet and hot at night before getting to bed. I feel that I've got a really huge orgasm building in me, that all the smaller orgasms just allude to. I am gong to work hard to get there - letcha'll know if I succeed!

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