Wow can she tease!  

FriendlyTickler 45M
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7/20/2005 10:47 am

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6/27/2006 5:59 pm

Wow can she tease!

It was mid day, we were alone at the office doing work as usual. She was sitting at her chair, in front of her computer. Wow she was sexy, blonde hair just past her shoulders, deep dark eyes, full sensuous lips, the slightest dimples and a look that could cause butterflies in your stomach that felt like an endless falling. The phone rang at her desk and it was for me, she smiled and suggested that I take the call at her desk. Without hesitation I thanked her and moved towards her. She stood up from the chair wearing a short skirt and a low cut top that pushed her voluptious cleavage outward. From the back side her butt pushed hard against her skirt as though it wanted to bust out. She handed me the phone and offered her chair to me. I took the offer of course, after all, I was so dumbfounded by her beauty that if she suggested I lay on the ground and roll around I probably would have. I made myself comfortable in her chair while she rested her butt against the desk. It was our client on the phone and she new it. She offered me a strange smile and then began to do something that was totally unexpected. She reached over from where she was, bent at the waste and began to unzip my pants. My eyes grew big as did other parts of my anatomy. I was beginning to find it difficult to concentrate on the phone conversation just by the feel of her hand on me. She then pulled my hard erection up and through the zipper opening on my pants and began to stoke me. I was finding it more and more difficult to concentrate and she new this, you could tell by the way she smiled, you could tell that she was enjoying every minitue of it. That wasn't enough for her though, she stood up, turned around, raised her skirt and moved her underwear to the side and then slowly sat on me. She continued to work up and down working only the tip, my conversation skills were getting worse by the second as I became more and more distant from the topic of the conversation. She still was not satisfied with what she had accomplished so from the tip she began to slide it all the way in, taking it in deep and slow. She knew it wasn't the right time to be doing this, she knew that the phone call was important and I knew that once she started to moan I had to end the conversation because I sure as hell didn't intend to stop her.

luv_bunny4u 50F

6/23/2006 9:47 pm

Awwww.. a HOT Passionate Office romance of naughty HOT Sex... Id luv to do this to my Boss.. Plus climb up on his lap when hes sitting in that office chair and straddle him while he grabs my ass and sucks on my breasts you can only Imagine what CUMS next *Giggles in PLEASURE

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