What was I thinking?  

FriendlyFuk66 49M
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5/24/2006 9:38 am
What was I thinking?

Well went to work last night at my usual time. Actually had some good people in the place instead of the illiterate gamblers that we normally get playing. When it was time to end my shift, I decided to sit and chat with one customer for a few minutes. Well those few minutes turned into more like 4 hours and now I am going to pay for it. Not a good thing when you get home just before the sun comes up and you didn't even get any. But that person had fun and was gambling the whole time so that could also help out with bonuses that we get if the numbers are good.
I am used to getting some good sleep at night but this morning wasn't near as long as I like and now I am wide awake. Guess I will learn one of these days but for now I will have to pay the piper. I can say that I'm not as bad off as the gal I was talking to since she wasn't going to get any sleep before heading off to her main job this morning.

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