GonadMadamFilth 44M
121 posts
4/26/2005 4:21 am

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5/27/2009 10:26 am


Well, as fast as my new privilages came, they have been struck away. I'm back to a restricted standard male that can't do a damn thing but wink at a few and blog his life away.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I got to see a bit more of you all and I even got the opportunity to e-mail a few of you.

I'll never understand this place!

vegas_sinner04 30F

4/29/2005 8:58 pm

sexyfitwomen knows all.

EMSqueen 40F

6/8/2005 4:01 am

Where have ya been, sweetie???

GonadMadamFilth 44M
153 posts
7/23/2005 4:12 pm

Oh, ya know...over here, over there. A little bit of that thing called life gets in the way sometimes.

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