You ARE NOT that fine honey....  

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8/9/2005 5:14 pm

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You ARE NOT that fine honey....

Before my travels out of the US (again) I had the opportunity to see the Movie "Hitch" with Will Smith, Eva Mendez and a host of other characters. There is a scene in the movie where a woman was surrounded by guys in a bar trying to woo her, and Will Smith (Hitch) pushed through them, gave her a $20, ordered a drink, and walked off. Obviously this insulted the higher than thou, incredibly sexy woman who immediately engaged in a chase to reclaim her dignity, calling him not-nice names.

I don't particularly like to meet women in public places though I often do for this very reason. I'm sorry ladies, but those of you who God/Allah/Vishnu/Whoever gifted with visually appealing features have generally been very aristocratic, making it difficult for men to approach you with any sort of genuine clean and wholesome interest. It sickens me, almost to the point of respulsion at times to see women sit on a pedestal because they are attractive enough to be absolute *&(#$@ (fill in your choice superlative). How do I deal with this? Simple:

I don't need a woman who is incredibly attractive, certainly not one who knows it and lets it get to her head. When I meet women of that nature, I am generally one of the few that is genuinely disinterested and I make it very well known. The funniest aspect of psychology is that people, not only women, are intrigued by difference to the point where it brings about genuine interest. I had always had problems with the ladies until I stopped caring -- and it was amazing to see how the most splendid looking women of all types flocked to me in sheer curiosity as to what I had that made me immune to their otherwise shallow beauty.

It's an interesting game -- you have to try it some day. Not to mention the fact that while I like eye candy, I'm not much of a guy who beds women strictly on how good they look.

I'm in Canberra, Australia now and have gotten past the whole "he's different" thing now by realizing that the problem wasn't that I was black, but that I was interested in these highly sought after women. By turning my attention back to more important things (like work, which is why I'm here), I have been asked out for drinks by a different woman every night I've been in town early enough to catch civilization still awake (I've been pulling some LONG hours).

I just wanted to share that with you-- and this is especially for the guys out there..

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