My First Rant -- If you dont' take care of yourself, who will?  

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7/26/2005 8:16 pm

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My First Rant -- If you dont' take care of yourself, who will?

Though I am sharing these thoughts with all, they are exclusively for my first 'adult friend' on this site (who will go unnamed unless she says its okay). I felt compelled to pen a few words on the above subject due to a conversation I had today on the matter:

There is an old saying that I have never heeded until the latter part of my 28 years-- that being that "if you don't take care of yourself, who will?"

I look at this as a rhetorical question-- The seemingly obvious answer is no one. Once you reach the age of true accountability, upon getting engulfed in this thing called life that consumes many of us whole before we know that we're prey, WE are required to be our own best friends, closest confidants, synics, cheerleaders, and psychic advisors (if you're into that). Men Lie, cheat, steal hearts and underappreciate, while women, under the guise of being preemptive do the same in a more calculating and deceptive way. Perhaps its only like this in the US-- nay, it must be this way all over the world. The concept of being selfish is more profound than the universal understanding of right and wrong, which explains why we are more absorbed in self satisfaction and self preservation than what is right, or better yet what is mutually beneficial due to a barter system around since the beginning of civilization known as compromise. How then, can one ever be capable of being willing and able to do for others in the same light as doing for his or her self at the incredible risk of being taken advantage of? Relationship? Partnerships? Would they even exist if the first thought when forming either (i.e. a partnership or a relationship) was anything but "this can benefit me"?

Sigh-- This world is hopeless. But then there is sex... Satisfaction is truly nice to have...

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