Isn't an emotional affair worse?  

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7/30/2005 5:48 pm

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Isn't an emotional affair worse?

I skimmed through an interested article on MSN about what I have always called a woman's affair: The emotional affair

I say this because sexual infidelity has always been associated to some crummy guy who comes home late with lipstick on his collar to a wife who cooks cleans and presses his shirts like a good Doris. The truth of the matter is, in my study backed opinion, that women are more likely to engage in an emotional affair then men are to have sex with another woman -- which is kinda scary as a man who knows the animal nature that we are bound by, married or otherwise.

A couple of my own personal thoughts:
- Women will (generally) cheat on their spouses due to a lack of emotional fulfillment, which once they get from someone else they will trade for sex. Otherwise, women generally wouldn't be unfaithful.
- Men will cheat on their spouses for sex, but will generally disassociate 'fucking' from what physical intimacy shared between two people who are in love.
- A man would rather have his wife having sex with another man rather than to have her mind captivated by another.

> I wonder what a woman would prefer. Considering that my thought is that women are more susceptible to engage in these type of relationships than men.
> I also wonder if the only reason men get into these types of relationships is because it's a way to segue into a sexual encounter.

SO -- if you are reading this I'm curious to know which you feel would be the lesser of two evils

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