OK...here's a problem then...  

FreakInstinct 44M
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5/24/2006 4:34 pm
OK...here's a problem then...

I've just noticed that the "new member" photo gallery contains a ton of...yes, you guessed it...BOTS!

See, I thought, or at least hoped, that the site would be free of this influence, since it is a pay site, and therefore monitored. However here it is, blatantly in front of us, Botty crap.

How do I know this, one might ask? First of all, living in Wisconsin for 7 years, I've heard of almost every town there is. Some of the "new members" here in the state have addresses in towns that don't exist, nor ever have. Furthermore, the pictures listed I've seen before on Usenet download sites, as professional models.
Furthermore, the pictures don't add up. One of the "new members" was using a picture of Jelena Jensen (you porn people know who she is) and the profile listed the bust size as 34B. Jelena Jensen is a 36DD. hmmm

So, I've come to the miserable conclusion that this site has turned into a sausagefest/bot hot spot, which means it's fully useless to me. Don't get me wrong, I like the sausage. What I don't like is dropping X cash for the chance to get onto a site, and being stuck with 1. straight guys who exist mostly as bigots in the sexual world...get a nut and get away 2. bisexual guys who are ACTUALLY gay bottoms.

So my preference from now on is going to be, stop on the site on a here-and-there basis until my membership runs out, cancel it and let the straight guys and gay bottoms battle each other for supremacy.

Thanks, Good Luck, and Good Night.

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