I'm whining...I'm sorry...  

FreakInstinct 44M
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5/9/2006 10:43 pm
I'm whining...I'm sorry...

Today was sure entertaining....

Most of it I spent playing around on this site. I found a whole bunch of toys, nothing too exciting though, as there seems to be a sausage fest abounding.

Don't get me wrong here, I LIKE the sausage. The problem seems to be in finding sausage that doesn't mind sausage. It was like there were dozens of guys on who were all chasing after the same three chicks. I'm all fine with that, throw your 2 cents in all you like, but as for me, I'm trisexual...try anything once...after the first time its a fetish...

I had to sleep all day for the whole work mentality. Work has turned into a world of sideshow freaks. I mean, it's always been sort of a lesson in how trainables can be useful in the marketplace, but lately it's just been really exceptional.

I don't know what anyone else's opinion is, but as far as I'm concerned, the USA screwed up royally with the whole OSHA thing. It ruins the whole "survival of the fittest/smartest". You've got it down to the point where an individual like myself, an engineer, can't do my job because I'm stuck doing the most minimal stuff there is. I can't do the stuff I was trained for, because all of the minimal crap I have to do to make up for the ineptitude of people who would've been mulched had there not been guards all over the machine.

Don't get me wrong here. I don't think people should be offed for no reason. I think that if you don't possess the common sense to operate a machine without sticking your hand in somewhere it shouldn't be, you shouldn't 1. be operating it, or 2. have the hand.

Most of the people they pick for this stuff are actually OK. The problem is the minimum wage folks who have no clue whatsoever. Like Chris Rock says, "You know what minimum wage is? That's your boss saying, 'I'd like to pay you less, but I legally can't"

Kinda burns me that I spent all of this time learning my trade, and I'm stuck doing jobs for people who've never felt the need to learn anything. That sucks.


On the good side, I'm getting into more of the online mentality. There's tons of interesting people on these sites, and it'd be a shame to miss any

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