Most important thing you look for in a MAN  

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3/24/2006 2:08 am

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Most important thing you look for in a MAN

Im interested what women look for in a real man, Im not taking about what women dream they want from the perfect man.
So all the questions are going to be related to real guys.

Ok yea there will be guys out there who think or know that they are gods gift to women but how many of you not so perfect women will actually get that???

Its like fat guys dreaming of a Baywatch girl when all he does is sit on a computer of in front of a TV every day.

So girls be realistic. Pleaseeeeeeeee

Oh yea girls we are talking about the real single guys that are still out on the market
Financially secure, own house, new car, adventurous mind set, over weight due to build but not obese , larger than average penis
Living on his pay cheque, rented residence, average auto, Dreams of the good life, average build, average penis, goes dinking wi
Living on his pay cheque, own house, average car, wants to be adventurous, average build, average penis, plays some sports, he i
What pay cheque? Lives off of what ever things he can do, council / government housing, large cock, treats women as sex toys, gr
Financially secure, rented residence, no social life, lots of time for you (wont leave you alone) average penis, naturally fit,
Financially secure, Own house, Pays for hotels, good social scene, Top of the line auto, needs to look in his diary to book you
Getting by financially, living with Parents, great lover, no real friends, lives on his play station, no auto, remembers things
Financially secure, own house, own auto, obese, amazingly tender, caring, loving will do anything for you, eats in restaurants

Fozzy_Wozzy_Woo 46M
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3/24/2006 6:10 am

oops not all the text has come out correctly i will write this again once im home from the party

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