Amsterdam - true story of a massage for a Female  

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3/11/2006 6:38 am
Amsterdam - true story of a massage for a Female

Well What a really entertaining evening last night.
Working on the door and it was a quite night in Leinseplein Amsterdam. Well i say quiet, the cafe was packed and the people were not drinking to much so this worked good for conversations.
Its quite funny watching people come in and out all night. You see them come in sober and leave drunk. Ha Ha. well last night was a bit different, the band wasn't to god so people were mingling and chatting. i got chatting to two girls who had flown in from America.

I must say that I am not one of the best looking guys about so i do have to lay on the charm. so I started chatting and by the end of the night we were having a great laugh.. Im not going to say I went to bed with both of them.

As we got to the hotel and I said thanks for a great night they asked me up for a coffee. I obliged them and we ended up in there hotel room well one of the two rooms.

It was a really nice room they had adjoining rooms with a door in the middle of them and a mini bar.
The whole night in the Cafe I hadn’t drunk one bit so I was gagging for a light drink. I grabbed a Bacardi Lemon and Diet cola, It was lovely to talk. The conversation went all over the place like Amsterdam, the local area and stuff like that. The girl that was in the other room said that she was going to go for a shower then she would be right back. I was left with Jenny. at this point we were having a great laugh and watching the porn adverts on local TV at tat time in the morning.
As we started talking about jobs and where we had lived in the past I brushed across that i was a sports coach, well if you class Archery as a sport.
She was amazed when I said this as i don’t look like one of the most sporty people in the world. but i have got a lot of power in my arms back and legs. And i do work out three times a week in the gym. So jenny asked more about what i had to do to become a coach and every thing like that.
So whilst talking about this I mentioned I had to cover a sports injury course and in the course we were shown how to massage muscles and stiff limbs.

She was interested in this and asked if I could give her a massage on her back and legs. I said no problem, so I asked her to go and get changed and to leave a towel on her. And when she was ready to come in and lay on the bed. When she cam back in she had brought here body oils that she uses in the bath to relax her. These oils were great as they smelt of Lavender and rosemary.

I laid her on her bed so she was close to the edge but far enough that she wouldn’t fall off if she was to move I placed on of the chairs at the end of the bed and propped it up so she could rest her head on it the pillows and towels I made into a ring so it would support her head comfortably. When I started I first warmed the oils on my hands first and evenly spread the oil all over back, arms neck and legs.
I started on her back slowly massaging the oils in a circular motion with the palms of my hands until I found a knot. I then massaged around the knots until they became soft and one with the body. Moving from the back I when to the neck and massaed there. At this point I could hear here breathing heavily. This meant I had sent her into a light sleep how ever I could here that she was moaning in a low tone. So massaged around her neck ears, scalp and the tops of her shoulders, From the shoulders I when onto the arms and fingers. At this point I looked around and seen that Adrian was sat on the small sofa in a dressing gown watching what I was doing. She indicated to me to carry on.
SO after finishing with her arms, I went onto her lower back and legs. Massaging the legs is always the most sexual for me. When I started on the legs she was totally relaxed and enjoying every moment of it. She especially enjoyed when I moved down and started to massage the feet and toes. Whilst I was doing her feet I was sat so I was looking straight up her legs and I was able to view her vagina. I could see that it was extremely moist and that the towel around the vagina as getting wet. When I started on her other leg I could see Adrian was really looking hard but I noticed that one of her hands was in her robe, she was masturbating her self.
Because Jenny was laying left to right on the bed I could access both sides of her legs very easily.
As my hands got to the top of her thighs jenny spread her legs slightly so it would allow my hand enough room to fit between both thighs.
Normally I am a very observant and perceptive person and a good judge of character. But with women in this situation I am crap. Bsically I need to be sent an message telling me to start as I don’t want to offend the woman which I would loos my chance.
So as I am getting to the top of the second thigh I am just clipping the missed strands of pubic hair that she had missed when she had shaven her pusssy. With her hands now beside her she lifted her hand from beside her and attemting to grab my arm I directed my arm to hers so she could feel it. Thinking this was the end f the massage I was preparing for a thanks now, goodbye im off to bed speech. But I was surprised a but when she directed my hand onto her pussy,
I then started to massage her pussy with my fingers not making penetration but around the lips and the bottom side of her clit. After about 5 min of massaging this from behind she really loved it.
Then in a very quick motion she spun around and lay on her back and directed my hand back to her pussy. I started to massage it again but this time I started to stick my fingers up her. Looking back at Adrian I seen that she was really going at it with her eyes shut.
I felt that Jenny was getting to the point where she was going to cum then I stuck my head between her legs and started to lick her. She really started to squirm, she grabbed my head and moved my head to the rhythm she wanted me to lick poke curl my tongue. At the same time I was licking her clit I stuck my two fingers inside her and curled my fingers upward so it was touching her g spot. After about 30 min of this she started to cum again. I could feel this as my head then got stuck in a fleash clamp and her hands wer trying to grab hold of my hair but as I don’t have any she grabbed the quilt covers.
With the last few slow strokes of my tongue I eased my fingers out with my thumb on her clit and my tongue around the clit she started to shudder uncontrollably with every tongue lick. Stopped and held her close as she was shuddering and moaning at the same time. When she stopped and opened her eyes she gave a big kiss and said thanks. She had a smile that just wouldn’t go away..
I felt really great at that point.
See for me having the sex is not always my goal. I get more enjoyment giving pleasure that receiving it. Well most of the times..

After this I when into the bathroom and grabbed a shower. When I came out Adrian and Jenny were talking away and Jenny still had a glow about her with a big smile.

As I’m not working tonight they then asked me to take them around Amsterdam “as a bodyguard” as they said in a joking manner. I said yea sure so tonight it is another long night. As I was leaving Adrian said it’s my turn tonight… with a giggle behind it.

So I though I would type it up before going to bed myself.

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