For those that need help  

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2/17/2006 12:28 pm

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For those that need help

timberwolf6972 timberwolf6972<----pic and blog link to friend that helped create the Group. This post is for the people that have come to AdultFriendFinder and also happen to either suffer from bi-polar or depression ect. Me and a friend created a group for us to be able to discuss meds and so on that seem to give us problems and to discuss possible "fixes" and so on. Because as many of you may or not be aware any medicines that you take affect your sex drive as well. Warning when you join this group please interduce yourself w/in a week. I won't keep non posting memebers for over a month......hugss and here is the group. Please feel free to read and so on don't have to join just to read....hugss Kelli

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This Group is just starting out and for those of you new to groups it is sometimes slow to post. Please try to be patient. Thanks!!!

update: group is approved if you were waiting on it ......have a go. Date: Febuary 19 1am EST

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2/18/2006 11:56 pm

    Quoting Sensuous_Salz:
    Thanks Kelli...I'll be checking it out and possibly joining. How good of ya'll to try and help out others dealing with similar issues.
Sens thanks hun ........We just know what its like to live and grow up like this. Letting people know that they aren't alone and that there are others who understand helps. God knows that if I had half this information when I was growing up it might not have been so hard.

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