A Dog OMG call the media LOL  

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3/22/2006 5:41 pm

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A Dog OMG call the media LOL

For those of you livig in and around the metro area this might sound familiar. This last week of the week before a police officer in pursit of a suspect shot a dog.

OMFG A Dog!! This was on the news and they are focusing on the Dog which is alive and he got shot point blank twice. Well I almost laughed when I herd about his cause I heard th whole story .... but the funny thing is tht the media choose to focus on a friggin dog. LOL Here is the story....I am gonna be way vauge at some points y'all.

Plain clothes officer were pulling out of a local drive through and at some point saw an altercation dealing with two fems and a male and at least one firearm. The two fems were wrestling for said firearm and the man was standing back as far as I know. The officers being plain clothes had no protective gear and no radios ect. get out of the car and attempt to stop said atercation. Getting firearm away from the two fems the male suspect is seen with another firearm possibly. He takes off running, One officer goes in pursuit. remember this officer only has a firearm and a badge and thats it Suspect jumps a fence to a backyard and the officer decided to follow and also jumped the fence. Both of them run through the back fenced yard and Suspect hits the back fence and jumps it. Officer climbs fence to hope over halfway up a dog......a mastiff charges up to the officer and is rowling and about to grab him. The Officer takes out gun and shoots dog, grazing the dog. second shot is fired when dog does not back off and then dog either backs off or goes down. Their are woods out back but now the officer could not get to suspec for whatever reason. End of Story

What totally has me both outraged and laughing my butt off is that the officer is now gettting crap for shooting the dog I mean FFS ...I happen to know the officer and a mastiff could have torn my well muscled leg off with one head toss and this guy is shorter and also actually has slimmer legs LOL The dog would have ripped off the Officers leg and the piced his teeth with the bone. Jeesh ot to mention that the suspect quite possibly got away that night bcause of the dog. I am totally laughing at the media frenzy that is going on over the dog .....not to mention about half a dozen other things...I am like wtf? I listened to this over dinner tonight and was giggling myslef silly over some
of the wording and expressions used by my family .....partly cause we know this cop ....LOL before we know what kind of dog this was we were laughing cause we just kept thinking the taco hell dog .....lolol I mean the chase was at night but well things happen yanno .but when we found out it was a mastiff we understood completely. Some of us in the family have 2 rotti's .....mastiffs are stronger and more solidly built that a Rotti.

In conclusion I just thought that was the stupidest thing was the crap over a dog......it was fine. It went to the vet and city is picking up the tab but dang why not focus on something a little more important like the sevrel murders and or the suspect tht likely got away that night. *rolling eyes*

Totally jaw dropped in disbelief here- Kelli

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sorry...[post 282070]...now you're it

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