Alone and bored so its Heraclitus tonight  

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5/20/2006 12:54 pm

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Alone and bored so its Heraclitus tonight

Well my better half is away and no one seems to be up and about for erotic contact so I decide to head to the bookcase and what catches my eye but good old Heraclitus. No not some erotic position but the early Greek philosopher.

"Always having what we want
may not be the best good fortune.
Health seems sweetest
after sickness, food
in hunger, goodness
in the wake of evil, and in the end
of daylong labor sleep"

Well he is right on those and I hazard a guess that waiting for a lover fits ito this as well.That might mean that my next romp will be outstanding its been 5 months for me. Though old Heraclitus never seemed to agree that lust was a very good quality.

Lust and libido; now there is a pickle for a chap like me. One of my all time favorite writers is Marcus Aurelius and his Meditations are words I dearly try to live by.

"The perfection of character consists in living each day as if it were the last and being neither violently excited, nor apathetic, nor insincere"

I love what he says on duty as well but I'll save that for another blog.

Now where Marcus and I part ways is on pleasure most of these stoics try and suppress and contain sensuality and consider pleasure a weakness of character.

I find that you have to be aware of your nature and that to embrace what you are makes you more vital and sincere. Not saying that you should completely give in either but cut back on taking the Repressitall

The big question I'm wrestling with tonight instead of a woman is: Is sensuality a weakness?

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