My date with Angel  

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12/3/2005 3:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My date with Angel

I had noticed Angel’s profile online several times. Her picture was very intriguing and continued to catch my attention when I was looking to meet a lady on AdultFriendFinder. She has a pair of beautiful brown “fuck me” eyes that beckon to all who viewed her. I decided to drop her an email and was pleasantly surprised to hear back from her. Angel was a little older than I, her being 40 and me 35. We exchanged email addresses and began to write back and forth to see if we had any similar interests. On her first email to me she asked the usual questions: Favorite music, what do you do in your free time, etc. However, her last question caught me by surprise……she wanted to know what fetishes I had. I was hesitant to answer in my first email, but I went a head and responded…..I love to cum on a girl’s face……I send the reply back and asked the same of her….”What is a fetish of yours?” She responded…..I love to have my ass spanked, licked, and fucked…..The anticipation to meet her was more than I could stand. We decided to meet over a beer to see if we had an interest in each other. Angel and I met for about 2 hours and had a great conversation…..She had a beautiful smile, those great fuck me eyes, and body that made my cock dance in my pants when I looked at her. Things went well and we went our separate ways. We exchanged a couple of emails the next several days and made a dinner date for the following Friday. I picked up Angel and she looked very sexy wearing a low cut blouse. Her jeans hugged her hips and ass and made me yearn to feel them pressed against me. We went to dinner and had a great conversation. After that we went to a neighborhood pub and played some pool. I loved to watch her breasts as she leaned over the table to a shot. I moved around her to watch from behind as she took more shots watching her ass press against her jeans. I could tell she did not have any underwear on and it made my dick grow in anticipation of what may be……We flirted and brushed up against each other as we had a playful time together. Finally, Angel suggested we go hang some Christmas Lights at her home. She told me she wanted to string them across her brass bed. We went to her home and immediately began to kiss each other. Our lips embraced and her tongue entered my mouth immediately. We kept kissing and tonguing each other. Angel began to un-tuck my shirt as she continued to kiss me. I reached around and grabbed her luscious ass as she squealed with delight. In an instant she was down on her knees, pulling my pants down, and sliding my cock into her mouth. I moaned with pleasure as she brought me to a huge erection. Angel licked and sucked my cock to my delight. I grabbed the back of her hair as she began thrusting my cock into her mouth. She fucked my cock with her mouth. She slammed it hard into the back of her throat and enjoyed me thrusting my hips into her face. Angel led me into her bedroom and we undressed quickly. Angel lie on the bed and slid her legs apart to she me her pussy. I ran my hands up her parted legs and slid my fingers into her pussy. As I worked them in and out of her, I could tell she was wet and ready. I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her and she said yes. I climbed on top of her and thrust my hard dick into her wet pussy. I can not even describe the feeling of her pussy as it took my cock deep inside it. We began to fuck hard and fast. We were both horny and wanted nothing but dirty sex. I pulled her legs over my shoulder and watched her rub her clit as my cock worked inside her wet pussy……I could feel her cum on my dick as we continued to fuck……..I rolled her onto her side and lifted her leg so I could work my cock deep inside her pussy. She reached behind and ran her hand up and down my cock as it slid in and out of her. I knew she liked to be spanked, so every once in a while I would slap her ass and she would moan for me. Angel worked herself onto all fours and I got directly behind her. I knew I would cum soon. Looking at her ass as it worked its way up and down my cock was bringing me to climax quickly…..I could feel it coming…..Angel asked me if I wanted to fuck her in the ass……that was all I could take…I pumped my dick into her pussy a few more times and then my cum sprayed all over her ass. I stroked my cock as I came all over her luscious, curvy ass. It was intense. We lay together for awhile and found ourselves touching and rubbing once again. Angle lay on her side with me behind her. She opened her legs, wrapping her top leg over me so my hand could slide down and rub her pussy. She moaned as I rubbed her clit until I could feel the wetness returning to her pussy. I rolled her on her back and climbed on top of her and sat on her chest. She began stroking and sucking my cock at the same time. I reached behind me and continued to rub her pussy. She asked me to put my fingers inside her and rub the back of her clit. I had to fuck her again. I slide down between her legs and thrust my dick back into her divine pussy. She spread her legs as wide as possible. I slammed into her pussy. I became more aroused as I watched my dick enter and leave her pussy…….she began to rub her clit as I continued to fuck her. She came hard and the pressure pushed my dick out of her pussy. When we were done, she sucked my dick for good measure. I know she liked licking her cum off my dick….she told me that in a prior email. It was a great evening with great sex. Needless to say, we never did get those Christmas lights hung

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12/4/2005 5:57 am

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