Meeting Sophia  

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12/10/2005 12:29 pm

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Meeting Sophia

I met Sophia on-line about a week ago. She was very articulate and well educated. She is a business professional by day................and freaky by night. We began our correspondence via email. The emails quickly turned to discussions of wants and desires. Sophia sent me this early on:

A short list to start:
1 very oral - giving & receiving
2 anal - giving & receiving
3 I know where my G spot is and would love to direct you to its location
4 Love the great outdoors

That opened the door to playful emails that were sent back and forth several days. I would send the following to Sophia:

Your body sounds beautiful and the idea of you in stockings and a short skirt is getting me excited.....i vote lace.....
Hmmmmmmmm, I would love to have you for lunch one day next week

She would reply:
Office stories --- have you ever masturbated while at work? Last month, I was wearing a short skirt, stockings, and a G-string...I was so horny that I made a spot on my chair - I slipped into an empty side office and took care of my urgent need. Too bad I didn't know you then; you could have talked me thru it Anyway, I never really did get the spot completely removed from the chair...evidence...

We decided to meet. There were no false pretenses of dinner or getting acquainted. She made it clear she wanted to get fucked, and she wanted it now. Sophia was house sitting for a friend, so we agreed to meet Friday after work. Sophia showed up in her skirt and heels, just as we had talked about. The house was empty and cold, so we found a bedroom in the back of the house that had some blankets to keep us warm. Sophia took off my shirt and lay me on my stomach. She hiked up her skirt, climbed on my back, and began to give my an unbelievable massage. As she worked her hands across my back, I could feel her working her panties around on my ass. She moved to the side and motioned me to take off my pants. I slid them off and returned to my stomach. She slide my underwear off and began to run her hands across my ass and legs. She quickly rolled me over and began to stroke my cock. Sophia had already removed her top and I slid the straps to her bra off her shoulders so I could touch her succulent tits. The were large and sexy....she says 36C. As I rubbed her nipples with my fingers, she continued to watch and stroke my cock. Soon she slide down and began to suck my dick. She was gentle, yet incredibly hot. She kept one hand on the base of my cock while her mouth milked me to perfection. I grabbed the back of her head and began fucking her mouth. A few moments later she climbed on top of me, slid her panties off and slid my cock into her wet pussy. She rode on top of me, working herself up and down me. I could feel the wetness of her pussy run down the side of my cock. She asked me, "what are you doing?" I replied, "fucking you." She said, "no, I am fucking you!" I tossed her onto her back and shoved my dick into her pussy. Her mouth opened and her eyes got big as I shoved it as hard and deep as I could into her. She grabbed her legs and spread them wide. I began fucking her hard and fast, slamming myself up against her. Sophia reached between her legs and rubbbed herself as I fucked her hard. She loved feeling me throw my body against her again and again. She came on me a few times......I rolled her onto her side and positioned myself between her legs so I could penetrate her as deep as possible. I began to stroke and stroke while I could see the enjoyment and excitement growing on her face. She said to me, "look at you." I had not noticed, but there was a full length mirror on the wall and she was watching me fuck her to perfection. As I watched her watch me in the mirror, I could feel my cock grow tense as I became more and more turned on. Finally, I climbed on her and sprayed my cum all over her tits. I stroked my cock and watched her delight in the fact that her chest was covered in cum. I collapsed on the bed and we both grabbed for blankets. The heat in the house never came on, but the friction we created had kept us from noticing. We talked for awhile and discussed what we would like to do next.... public places, group meetings, and other things that will surely be topics of emails to come.

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