Pleasure's Twist  

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Pleasure's Twist

This is a rewritten version of a story that is posted on my web page. While I hope you enjoy, please remember this is copywrited material and as a writer, I ask that you please honour this. Thanks!

Pleasure’s Twist
© 2005 D.Wolffe

They drove into the garage in silence while his mind waged an internal war. He turned to look at his companion. What the hell was he doing?
“Having second thoughts, Jack?” she smiled warmly.
“Does it show?” he chuckled nervously.
Vikki reached up and caressed the side of his face. She smiled at the feel of the soft beard in her palm. Jack was a handsome man. In his mid-forties, he had a fit physique, shoulder length dark hair and distinguished graying temples. His eyes were pools of melted chocolate and searched hers for reassurance.
They’d struck up a sexual friendship over the Internet. After sharing heated messages for months, they’d agreed to bring his ultimate fantasy to life. The only catch was his wife’s reaction.
“Sweetie, the only way you’ll find an answer is to ask a question.”
Nodding his head in affirmation, Jack smiled and looked at Vikki before kissing the back of her hand.
She was more attractive than her pictures. Her mane of thick red hair framed her face, accentuating the intense hazel eyes and full kissable lips. As she walked in front of him to the door, his eyes traveled over her body. The burgundy knit dress she wore displayed her voluptuous curves beautifully. Jack felt his body respond to her sexually confident aura.
He paused with his hand on the door knob for a few moments to allow the obvious swelling to subside. Vikki smiled as he blew out a deep breath.
“Much,” he winked and opened the door. Stepping inside the entrance he called out, “Beth?”
His wife appeared from around the corner. The two women looked at each other with curiosity. Their differences were striking. Beth had shoulder length chestnut colored hair, sea green eyes and a trimmed figure with small breasts. The cream colored blouse and gentle flowing skirt complimented her angelic features.
“Beth, I’d like you to meet Vikki,” Jack introduced the women trying to gauge their emotions. “Vikki, this is my wife, Beth.”
Vikki smiled easily and stepped forward extending her hand.
“Hi Beth, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” She felt Beth’s hand tremble slightly in hers and watched her face flush.
“Hi Vikki,” she said shyly, “it’s nice to meet you too.”
Jack watched the exchange warily. It wasn’t every day a man brought home an Internet lover for the purpose of fulfilling a life long fantasy. To his surprise the women seemed to get along fine. Except for the initial awkward moment, their conversation was effortless.
As Beth ushered Vikki into the living room while Jack excused himself to retrieve the wine. When he returned found the women sitting closely on the couch talking. Pleasantly surprised at his good luck, he poured the wine, lit the fire in the hearth and took care of the ambiance.
“So?” Vikki broached the subject after taking a sip of her Merlot.

“So,” Jack repeated not sure how to progress. He watched as Vikki took matters into her own hands and reached over to softly brush a strand of hair from the side of Beth’s face.
“I know you’re nervous Beth,” Vikki soothed and moved closer, “I promise I won’t hurt you.” She further assured the woman by saying nothing would be done without Beth’s approval.
“Okay,” Beth whispered her consent. “I trust you.”
Jack observed the exchange and marveled at the naturally intimate connection women shared. He’d told Vikki of Beth’s inexperience with women and Beth the opposite of Vikki before pronouncing his own desires. As Beth’s hesitance gave way to curiosity he gently arranged the evening and held his breath for its successful climax.
Vikki lightly cupped the side of Beth’s face and leaned forward. She watched Beth’s eyes close before brushing their lips together. Pulling back, Vikki casually stroked the other woman’s jaw with her thumb awaiting her reaction.
Beth opened her eyes and Vikki searched their green depths for signs of uneasiness. When Beth rewarded her patience with a sexy smile, Vikki leaned forward and kissed her again allowing her to feel the fullness of her lips before withdrawing.
Vikki intentionally held back knowing Beth would expect more from a second kiss. Caressing Beth’s soft lips with her thumb, Vikki smiled as Beth’s tongue darted through the parted lips to flick at it. Vikki leaned close and lightly licked Beth’s bottom lip. Her tongue moved across the velvety surface inviting Beth’s to dance.
Jack watched Beth’s eyes languidly close as she surrendered her mouth. His cock thickened as he observed the kiss deepen. The women’s tongues dueled hotly in the air and Beth’s hips undulated into the cushions of the couch anxiously. Without needed proof, Jack knew Beth’s pussy was soaked.
Vikki tore her lips away from Beth’s to admire the dazed expression on the woman’s face. Knowing she was the first woman to make love to Beth heightened her pleasure. She wanted to seduce Beth slowly and build up her passion until she begged for release.
Taking Beth’s hand gently in hers, Vikki brought it to her lips. Looking deep into Beth’s eyes, she kissed each fingertip before bestowing a kiss on the back of her hand.
“Would you like to feel what you do to me?”
Beth nodded and allowed Vikki to put her hand on her breast. Holding it in place, she regarded Beth’s expression as the breast moved up and down in rhythm to Vikki’s breathing. Removing her hand, Vikki felt Beth’s come to life as it tenderly squeezed and played with the soft roundness.
As she gained confidence, Beth reached up to cup Vikki’s other breast. She fought to remain still as Beth’s hands examined the pliable globes. Vikki then guided Beth’s fingers and grasped the hard nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.
“Feel how the skin pebbles at your touch,” Vikki said quietly. She brushed Beth’s hands over the tips of the nipples, teasing them with the sensation, making them harder and more sensitive.
Taking Beth’s hands, she brought them to her shoulders and gestured for her to slide the straps of the dress down. She heard the woman’s gasp in delight at the offering. Vikki cupped the back of Beth’s head and gently urged the woman closer. Jack groaned with desire as he watched Beth’s head dip to enclose the nipple within her sexy mouth.

Vikki purred praise at Beth and encouraged her to experiment at her own pace. She was finding it more difficult to hold back. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed Jack sitting with his pants undone, stroking himself as he watched them.
When Beth’s hands moved to her own breasts, Vikki decided to take back control over the situation. She cupped Beth’s breasts and teased the rock hard nipples. Suddenly aware of the delicious sensations, Beth lifted her head and leaned backwards, thrusting her breasts in Vikki’s direction.
Rising from her spot, Vikki motioned for Beth to stretch out on the sofa. She knelt behind the arm rest to lightly massage Beth’s shoulders before sharing another kiss. Vikki sucked Beth’s tongue and slid her hands down the front of her shirt feeling the woman tense and relax.
Jack waited until Beth’s hips moved up and down rhythmically before crawling over to the join them. He touched Beth’s leg lightly with his hand. Their eyes bet briefly before Vikki’s attention distracted her again.
Leisurely, Jack raised Beth’s skirt to her waist. He observed her for any signs of protest or change of heart but Beth’s hips continued to rise and fall sensuously. Bending forward, he slowly kissed her knees and crept upwards setting off tiny fires as his hips and tongue caressed her inner thighs. Chase came around the armrest and kissed a heated trail of her own along Beth’s neck. She pulled down the material of her blouse exposing Beth’s pert breast.
“Look at me,” Vikki whispered.
Beth watched Vikki’s tongue lick the underside of her breast and near the nipple. She panted eagerly as Vikki circled the areola with her tongue, but refrained from laving the pointed tip. Her fingers performed a similar ritual to Beth’s other nipple, always teasing but never touching.
Beth arched her back and moaned feeling Jack’s hands and mouth dance across her inner thighs while Vikki finally bathed her nipples with the moist heat of her mouth. Parting her legs, Beth ground her hips into the sofa overwhelmed by passion.
Jack and Vikki moved with perfect rhythm licking Beth’s clit and nipples simultaneously and backing off to watch her body writhe anxiously beneath them. Working together, they took Beth to the edge of bliss and back several times. Immersed in the exquisite feelings created by her two lovers, Beth didn’t notice at what point Jack and Vikki had changed positions.
Careful not to break the rapturous trance, Vikki held back the material of Beth’s panties and made a “v” with her fingers, separating the thick labia to allow her tongue to tease the shiny pink pearl.
Vikki closed her mouth over the tender nub and gently sucked while her fingers probed the moist depths of Beth’s pussy. Beth’s hips bucked up wildly at the sensation overload.
“Oh FUCK!” she screamed as her body convulsed with ecstasy.
Jack slid down her body to join Vikki in lapping the sweet nectar. As Beth opened her eyes and saw their two heads bobbing between her legs, her body provided them with more delicious cream.
“Should I ask if you enjoyed yourself, Beth?” Vikki chuckled.
“Vikki, it was everything you said it would be and more,” she replied.

The two women held hands and smiled easily as Jack glanced from one to the other with a confused expression. Laughing at his expression, Vikki looked at Beth and received a nod in answer to her silent question.
“Sweetie, I have a confession to make,” Vikki reached over and covered Jack’s hand. “It appears the woman I’ve been romancing on the Internet was Beth. I realized it when I walked through the door.”
“Beth?” Jack looked at his wife for confirmation.
“It’s true, Jack. Vikki and I have been talking intimately for some time. We even arranged to meet some time next week.”
Jack laughed at the thought and remembered Vikki’s conversations about a woman she was attracted to. Never in his life had he expected it to be Beth.
“When you told me your husband was bringing over another woman as a possibly play mate for you, I was jealous because I wanted the pleasure of your deflowering for myself.”
“Isn’t life funny?” Beth giggled, caressing her husband and her lover.
“Well, now that YOUR fantasy has been fulfilled would you ladies like to take care of mine?” Jack leaned back to proudly display his rigid cock.
The two women shared a warm smile. Rising to their feet, the trio held hands and with Jack in the middle, made their way upstairs to the bedroom loft to explore other possibilities.


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Sultry, you may like to check the site's conditions and fine prints for copywrited materials.

And also, you may be able to find some helpful information on this issue (and plagiarism) on bloggers of this friendly site.

ForeverSultry 53F

4/25/2006 12:36 pm

Thanks for the heads up, I wrote the story in question so copyright and plagiarism aren't an issue. I've seen other blogs with stories on them as well. Thanks again.

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hi Sultry,i just finished reading this very exciting storey,WOW i'm very wet myself

ForeverSultry 53F

7/1/2006 8:19 am

Good morning Beezer! I'm glad you liked the story. I have been able to add a couple more about a maiden, elsewhere I think you might like.

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