Traveling on the Super Highway  

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3/21/2006 10:38 am

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Traveling on the Super Highway

Thoughts of you…

Many times, down the super corridor I’ve passed,
Viewing stranger’s images, and on occasion crossed paths.
None so agreeable I’d remain to play
Until presented to you some fateful day.

While resting in the shade of a pungent pine.
I cautiously swirled a glass of sweetened wine,
Contentedly drawing forth a song by rim and finger,
My thoughts turned to you and there they still linger.

For mysterious and purest of reason
I relish the likeness of you.
Pure and fresh, you’re like summers’ dew.
It stirs in my mind a disturbing season,
I’ve pondered destiny and thought of fate,
Matters beyond my faculty to contemplate

I seem to think of you when I feel the Sun’s warm caress,
I think of you when I feel the icy fingers of winter upon my chest.
I thought of you during an early summer rain,
And, again while riding my bicycle along a parched cobble lane.

I think longingly of you while walking in the park,
And during restless nights while sitting in the dark.
I think of you when the summer breeze blows,
And, I thought of you during the winter snows.

I think of you in the most tender of ways,
And count, hour by hour the passing of days.
I think of you when the blue jay sings,
Or, when the mission bell rings.

I think of you as I drive my car
Or, when I look upon a distant star.
Sometimes I tremble at how close
Yet, unknown we are.

I think not of a lover’s cost, or a killing frost.
But, of your smile and the riches of absence lost.
I think of you when I feel a springtime breeze,
And, when I hear the rustling of autumn’s leaves.

I wonder, could it really be true?
Oh how fortunate I’d be,
If I couldn’t stop thinking of you… ©

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