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3/25/2006 6:36 pm

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Being relatively new to the blogs I was somewhat surprised if not honored to be tagged. I mean I am so far down on the food chain it would be hard to contemplate anyone finding me in these inky depths. So I am pleased. Thank you quirky1234. I’ve been loosely following the tagging episode and realize pretty much everyone has already been tagged, at least once… And, while I can easily come up with a number of weird things about myself (the truth be told, limiting it to six is the difficult part) how do I pass it along in keeping with the rules and not piss off those who have already been tagged..? I suppose I will have to ponder that one awhile.

1. I am highly organized, especially my kitchen. I organize my cupboards like a grocery store and my cabinets like a restaurant. Bake goods, canned goods, carbohydrates/starches, pots, pans etc. etc. etc. adnauseum. Everything has a place and is in its place.

2. Yet, I rarely make my bed. In fact, I only make my bed for appearances when company is coming over or when I change the sheets. About once a month! Just kidding…

3. I check my email with regularity… Yet, I don’t own a cell phone. This aggravates my clients and associates. I was tethered to the cell phone for many years. In truth I owned the first cell phone on the market, now fondly referred to as the brick. I think the battery weighed five pounds. It had a charge life of about an hour of talk time. Whoa… Am I dating myself, or what? I know I can’t continue this for long but it was nice to cut the leash. How did we ever survive with out cellular?

4. I love to cook. I’m good at it and have been told many times I’m the best cook not professionally engaged. Yet, sometimes I am so busy I forget to eat.

5. I was born naked and with nothing. I gained much, perhaps too much, and then lost it all. Now, everything beyond my wildest dreams seems possible with nothing.

6. I change my underwear on even numbered days and turn them inside out on odd numbered days. It cuts down on laundry time. I hate doing laundry, except when it’s a small load and it can be done by hand. Just kidding… Wanna give me a hand?

Okay, that being said, what to do about passing it along..? What to do? What to do? I think I’ve got it… It is nearing the end of the first quarter of 2006 (less than a week away). Most people at least gave a glimmer of thought to a New Years resolution, some probably wrote them down and some never gave it a thought at all. So, I wonder:

What three things did you resolve to accomplish in 2006 and which, if any, have you accomplished thus far or are accomplishing as we speak? And, which of the three have you forgotten about or given up on? Pass this onto at least six.

quirky1234 So Close yet undiscovered.
juliet610 A Woman I like to think about.
purrykitty2 A Blog I really REALLY like
travelingintexas Whom, I suspect started this whole mess. By the way, Alaska is 5 times larger than Texas, just a little factoid. But, on the other hand, we only have the Coast Guard. We don't have our own Navy!
kelli4u2dew WOW, what is one to say?
sexydisaster30 I need a haircut, would you consider cutting my hair? I'm a rinse and go kind of guy.
tillerbabe You rock!
caressmewell Daring to dream!
bardicman The single best writer on this site. Probably destined to be the next Hemmingway. Best of luck...
mzhunyhole Do you feel me on the cellular issue?

No apologies, jest pressing forward...

quirky1234 53F

3/26/2006 2:34 pm

oh now that is totally unfair... to continue it...i thought i was so done and had done well passing the buck... but really hope you do not seriously do the underwear thingy.... hahahahhhahaha okay fine i will respond ... dont be surprised if there is a class action suit against you.... i heard a rumble in other blogs.... quirky....


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3/27/2006 1:39 pm

Awwww, I am glad you like the blog.

Keep up the good work in yours

Purry {=}


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