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Romeo, BOB & Juliet

This was one of my first posts--or rather comments--after discovering the AdultFriendFinder blog portal. It was in response to Juliet610's question "To Scratch or Not to Scratch" found in her blog Juliet610. BOB is, of course an acronym for Battery Operated Boyfriend. Here is my response:

Sighhhh... I read your BOB post, then walked to the window and looked out on a beautiful pre-spring day here in Alaska. My windows are open and the fresh air is circulating around me as a couple of Ravens are Hell bent upon scrapping with each other over a tasty bit of trash. The air is crisp but the Sun's rays are radiant and warming. It snowed yesterday so everything is pristine. I hear a dog barking far off in the distance and very little else. I am reminded of a day much like today and a friend named BOB.

Some years back I was opening a fledgling business that required the services of an interior designer. One was recommended and a meeting arranged. As you may have already guessed walking into that meeting was like being hit by a ton of bricks... It was like finally meeting your long lost soul mate you'd not seen in many life times. My ears hung on her every word. But, I comprehended nothing. My eyes undressed her completely until I knew every curve of her body. Her perfume was intoxicating, yet she was wearing none. Before one assumes I am a brain-numbing idiot, let me say the same impact I was feeling was reciprocal.

I left the meeting having no idea how the offices would be arranged or decorated but having committed to a design plan. And, we had agreed to have dinner but not as a date as she was, for reasons unknown to me, reluctant to characterize any meeting with a man as a date at that point in her life. However you characterize it we did in fact have dinner together almost every night over the next week or so. We cooked most of those dinners in her little apartment. It was like we couldn't get enough of each other on an emotional, spiritual or intellectual level. We hadn't broached the physical level so it wasn't a matter of sex although the chemistry was dead on. And impending.

Finally, one evening after dinner, we found ourselves in an embrace that led to the bedroom and with each piece of clothing discarded I came to truly know every curve of her body. She was slender and petite but a voracious lover. Being the contentious person I am I was keenly aware that while she readily seemed to know the music she wasn't familiar with the orchestra. I was exhausted, walking upon rubbery legs and giddy when we searched naked through out a darkened kitchen for something (anything) that would provide the lubricant to continue what was now becoming a quest. Successful in our mission we returned to the bedroom but to no effect. That is when I was first introduced to BOB.

BOB weighed about five pounds and caused the lights to dim in Anchorage every time he began to idle. He only had three speeds. Fast, faster and fastest. He wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed but he was the most effective. When it came time for BOB to be introduced to the equation we generally took the "doggie" position and she would stimulate her clit with BOBs help while I did what a man does in the position I was in. BOB never offended me and in fact added an element of stimulation I hadn't conceived of before.

BOB became incorporated into our lives and I didn't give it a lot of thought. We were both very comfortable and happy. I can't speak for BOB. We even joked at BOB's expense but he was always ready willing and able... Until that fateful day.

A friend of mine offered me the use of his remote cabin and a snow machine. We leapt at the opportunity and left work early on a Friday afternoon and began the trip of a lifetime. We had to snow machine 65 miles into a remote wilderness area with no road access and was only accessible by bush plane during the summer. The nearest cabin was twenty miles away. It took awhile to get organized but we were finally on our way with a cargo sled in tow behind us.

Because of the distance to trailer the sled to the drop off point and the time required to travel 65 miles by snow machine, we knew it would be dusk by the time we arrived at the cabin, if we didn't get lost. And, we knew the cabin hadn't been occupied for months so it would be soundly cold when we got there and it would take hours to heat the cabin by the only means available. A wood stove.

Despite a couple moments of concern we found the cabin and began shuttling firewood into position to light the stove. As we did so, a full moon was breaching the backdrop of the mountains and gave everything a long shadowy appearance with a bluish moon glow intensified by the reflective qualities of the snow as is so common in the north country. With the fire lit and everything transferred from the cargo sled we waited for the cabin to warm and set about boiling water for a warming cup of tea followed by the sound of a cork vacating a bottle of wine.

It took a while for the cabin to thaw and as we were cold we stripped naked and jumped under the covers to keep each other warm, as well as occupied. The glow from the fire and all the oil candles we'd lit gave an ambience to the setting that burns an impression into one's brain forever. The windows were fogged over with ice and yet the moonlight filtered through the windows. The occasional howl of a lonely wolf added to the crackle of the fire and the sound of two young lovers exploring each other's bodies kiss by kiss. We took turns stoking the fire but her turn was always my favorite. She would slip naked from under the covers, bend gracefully and lady-like in front of the stove to add fuel to the fire. Then gracefully arise like a ballarina and turn abruptly. Her breasts were sultry and particulary inviting when illuminated by flickering firelight. She would scurry back to me almost diving under the covers. She was an absolute princess by daylight, but a goddess in the moonlight and her Godly form was so elequently complimented by the firelight.

We had been engaged in fore play for about an hour when we began to feel a compelling warming sensation that overcame us. We threw off the covers and made love in many ways, positions and places in that small one room cabin. And then... she disengaged, her hair in ringlets from sweat and reached into her travel bag and pulled out BOB! As she rolled right shoulder over left our gaze met. It was immediate. I didn't see the expression on my face except to say it was reflected in hers. BOB has a tail and he was a good 80 miles from the electrical grid. I don't know what she was thinking or if she was really thinking at all when she packed up BOB and took him on this adventure. We both laughed but it didn't cover up my sense of performance anxiety. For the first time in three months BOB laid idle and flaccid. Yet, we tried to no avail.

The next morning we heated a kettle of water on the stove and began washing each other's bodies with wet wash clothes. First her. And, then after her it was my turn. It was very arousing as you might suspect. And, as lovers do when aroused we made love on the porch, in the bed and on the floor. We spent a great deal of time learning each other but to no avail. I could hear the music trembling inside her but it never reached that crescendo.

After our bath we made breakfast and ate heartily. Then, we made a travel lunch of cheeses, breads, fruits and filled a boda bag of wine. Then, we set off on a travel excursion to explore the wilderness by snow machine. It was a sunny day and we had to keep stopping to remove layers of clothing until we finally kept only our outer gear on. We finally found a plateau where you could see forever and the air was still. Yet, it was previously wind swept and the snow had been removed to the point you could build a fire and walk around with out falling five feet or more into the snow pack. We laughed, talked and indulged. I would say we were deeply connected.

A funny thing happened as we were packing up to return to the cabin. She sat down on the long black vinyl seat cushion of the snow machine and commented on how warm it was due to the Sun's rays beating against it. I did also and felt its warmth too. Long story short, we removed all of our clothes except our boots and made love on that plateau and she came in a way that was previously unheard of by both of us. It caused her some embarrassment because we both thought she had peed herself, except it wasn't urine. Yet, it was undeniable, BOB was miles away and she experienced an orgasm that may have been different, better or possibly in kind to BOB.

Upon returning to the cabin we re-lit the fire that had gone out in the stove and began making a gourmet dinner. We were HUNGRY! You'd be surprised how much energy it takes to drive a snow machine let alone hold onto the one driving. And, the act of making dinner together was a huge turn on for both of us. But, we didn't talk about the experience of earlier in the day.

We would later learn that she was capable of the occassional female ejaculation, or squirt resulting in small to massive discharges. I for one loved it. BOB, to my knowledge, never experienced it.

We remained soul mates for a few months after that and BOB was rarely apart of our daily routine, but he remained an intimate friend. She didn't always come so effortlessly, in fact it was a challenge to keep up with BOB. Yet, he was always there in a pinch. I never minded it. Truth be known, I enjoyed what BOB offered in multiple ways.

She eventually met a well defined man with a great deal of security to offer her. We ended up taking different paths. It's ironic that we would end up in the same class later in life. And, then the same study group. I was eventually sitting next to her during class and went to her house (mansion) for one of those study groups. I was married way back then so I was interested, but restricted. I arrived early as requested so she could show me around the house and see all the art work she'd completed in this environment. The artwork was impressive. I was touched by it. But, then as we walked past their bed on the way out of their bedroom, which contained her masterpiece, I saw what looked like BOB's tail. I stopped and pondered my next statement and being as direct as I can be I asked if it was in fact BOB's tail. Indeed it was!

Her response was... "I have a maid and a cook. I have a butler and a chauffeur. But, most of the housework around here is done by BOB!"

Juliet, I'm not sure what that means but if I were to venture a guess I'd suppose it means she and Mr. Defined relied solely on BOB just a tad too much. I feel compelled to advise you to integrate BOB into your "potential 2006" until you can eliminate BOB as much as possible. There is no Worldly connection more important than that of flesh to flesh and mind to spirit. It takes time and patience to get the moves right. But, if all you rely on is what you already know, how will you ever grow beyond what you already know?

I can tell you we found many ways in which we found the cresendo at the end of the music. One of her favorites was direct oral stimulation to the clitoris.

We never eliminated BOB and that was never our intention, we just found incorporating him into our love making too much fun for both of us. I'm sure that can be debated and here are ten other view points that "beg" to be heard:

Found on AdultFriendFinder, but forgotten where... quirky1234
1. My new vibrator will not start begging me for a blow job before I even get him out of the box.
2. My new vibrator will not ask me to "snuggle."
3. I will not have to make awkward post-coital conversation with my new vibrator. I won't even have to look at him. He'll be stashed neatly away in my nightstand drawer.
4. My new vibrator will not tell all the other household appliances that I like to do it doggy-style and be smacked on the ass with a wire hanger.
5. My new vibrator will not shut down just when I'm about to have an orgasm, and if he does, it's nothing that three fresh AA batteries can't fix.
6. There is no chance that my vibrator will give me an STD or impregnate me with a screaming, snot-tipped baby vibrator.
7. When I'm done, I can turn my new vibrator off and he won't grumble or try to lay a guilt trip on me. I won't have to endure ten more minutes of monotonous pounding while I stare at the ceiling and make up my daily to-do list in my head.
8. My vibrator will not steal the covers in the middle of the night or fart in bed.
9. My vibrator will not beg me to get a Brazilian bikini wax or any other costly procedure involving the ripping out of my taint hairs by a complete stranger.

And finally,

10. Anytime I want to I can upgrade to the larger, more powerful Synergy model with oscillating action, six speeds, and five interchangeable attachments. My old vibrator will not threaten me, speed by my house at night with his stereo blaring, tell his friends I was a "psycho bitch," or call me up at 3 a.m. drunk and remind me of all the great times we had.

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3/21/2006 3:10 am

from my blog but thanks.. heheheheh quirky


ForPlay2000 replies on 3/24/2006 5:51 pm:
Quirky, sorry about that lapse of memory... I'll update the credit to you and your blog this weekend. By the way, I hope you have a great weekend. Don't do anything I would!

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