Everything You Alaways Wanted to Know About Alaska but were Afraid to Ask, Part-1  

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Everything You Alaways Wanted to Know About Alaska but were Afraid to Ask, Part-1

Alaska Industry

Oil and gas production is the largest industry, with timber, mining and fishing following. And, while tourism continues to grow it helps diversify the economy. A recent gold find (Pogo Mine) is estimated to be potentially, if developed--due to environmental concerns--the largest gold find anywhere in the world.

The Northern Coast of Alaska is home to the largest oil field in North America. The Trans Alaska Pipeline is capable of transporting that crude over 800 miles at a rate of up to 2 million barrels a day to the port of Valdez. Valdez can hold up to 9 million barrels of oil in its holding tanks. It took four years and 8 billion dollars to construct the Trans Alaska pipeline. It was at its time the largest privately funded construction project in the world.

Unfortunately that great achievement would be scarred on the day Joe Hazelwood (who was not an Alaskan) decided to park his tanker on Bliegh reef and tarnish the pristine wilderness of the Prince William Sound with approximately 1.2 million barrels of oil. Exxon has paid approximately 1 billion in reparations both civil and criminal to date and it is expected that they will be forced to pay another 1billion in pending lawsuits.

An interesting side note: Bliegh Reef is named after the infamous Captain Bliegh, who was a navigator/chartmaker on Captain Cook's boat, the Resolution.

A majority of Alaskan's, and I am not speaking for them, resent the intrusion of Lower48 politics into the State's right to develop its resources. For example ANWR... Who, hasn't heard of ANWR? Yet, a better question would be, have you ever been to ANWR and would you really want to go..?

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