A "public" performance...  

FoolsDay62 54M
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9/30/2005 6:11 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A "public" performance...

I've never been one to take things too far when there might be others around to accidently see more than I had intended...but just a couple of nights ago I found myself on my knees behind the service counter of a public retail store eating one of the girls while she (shakely) carried on business as usual. Of course this didn't last too long before she asked that I join her in the ofice to finish what I had started!

The very next day I in the office with this particular girl again...for business purposes. My cell phone rang while I was there and when she realized that I was talking to my live-in girlfriend she proceeded to rub me through my pants...then unzipped then and began to blow me! Not as public as the service counter, but exciting as hell anyway...and sure makes for a lot of "static" on the cell too!

Recently there have been a couple of other times when I'm sure that I was seen in the act...a girl almost drove into a fence in a local park watching me get a blowjob the other day...I know because I was watching her as she drove by and from the angle I knew she had a perfect view inside our car, she couldn't take her eyes off us!

Things like this make me wonder if I'm becoming an exhibitionist...or wether it's just this one particular girl. Although I have had sex in the water on a crowded beach...other folks mere feet away...but there was little chance of actually being seen there.

pluscachange2004 49M
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9/30/2005 8:21 am

Exhibitionism is an amazing turn on, but most people don't realize it until they try it or it is "thrust" upon them such as seems to be happening in your case. The initial reaction most people have before they try it the first time is normally shyness or even outright "no!". Then that one time they get carried away, and somebody sees, and it all changes.

My very first time having sex, when I was 17, was with a really gorgeous trumpet playing blonde chick during a band contest. She and I skipped sitting and watching the bands perform and snuck inside the high school. We were in the dark music room, going at it, past the point of penetration, and we heard a cough from the dark. Somebody had been sitting there (probably moping as high school kids are prone to do) and had watched us the entire time. The girl I was with seemed to get even hotter and wetter and made a whole hell of a lot more noise and worked on me triple time. It was amazing.

Needless to say, this shaped my sexuality profoundly, as before this I was exceptionally shy, as most people are at that age.

It's a good thing man. Whether it continues in your life or not, if you're enjoying it, then ride it as long as it lasts and stays fun, I say.

FoolsDay62 54M

10/4/2005 6:39 am

You're right...the idea that someone else is, or may be watching can be very stimulating...even when it "just happens" as has been the case with my budding public performances...so far there hasn't been any new "shows" to tell about, but I'm eagerly waiting for the next episode.

Who knows whether it will continue, only time will tell...I've learned to much in life to walk away from it if it's good or fun...in fact, of all the things that I've learned in life...you touched on the most important with your very last words: HAVE FUN! Life passes far too quickly to live it without enjoying it...I say that whatever brings you pleasure, whatever you think is fun...then you spend as much time doing that as you possibly can! The only limitation I put on "whatever" in the context of this sentence is that you have your fun so long as it is not at the expense of hurting someone else. I odn't play by the rules...I make the rules in my life...as long as I don't hurt those around me I'm doing the morally right thing.

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