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2/28/2006 1:50 pm

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Advisory Capacity

I went and saw a friend of a friend briefly today, as I was to collect a television set that was on loan. This is one of the problems with having a van I suppose, every one wants something moved around in it

While I was there we had a cup of tea and a chat for while, when she launched into this big conversation about her untrusting and verbally abusive partner, who is giving her grief at the moment. I have heard of one or two of these sorts of situations recently, both of which seem to follow the same sort of pattern. One moment the men are nice as pie to their spouses, and the next they turn and by the sounds of it are quite hurtful in their attitudes and very vocal in doing so.

In this instance, as in the other one, where this situation has been rumbling on for some time, I suggested that the best course of action was a separation of the ways, as this is more stress and hassle than anyone should have to cope with and certainly doesn’t need.

While I was driving to the field following this chat, it got me thinking. Why on earth do these men behave in this way, and more importantly, how can they expect to maintain a nice, good relationship with their spouses if they carry on like they do. I just don’t understand the rationale behind that sort of behaviour. Not only that, why can’t these men just be happy that they are lucky enough to have in both cases really nice women as their partners. I just wonder if their attitudes would change if they knew just what it is like to live alone and have no one at home, like I do.

On a more positive note, I commented on another blog the other day, the question of which was, what do you think about first thing in the morning if it is a dull day outside. One of the points in my answer was to receive any unexpected nice messages or calls etc. Well today was one of those days! In fact it was better, as I got the nice surprise message from someone very dear to my heart and the sun was out as well, can’t be bad

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